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William BOLTON married 1 Jun 1762 in PA to Sarah GRAHAM

Children of William & Sarah GRAHAM:
William BOLTON.
Samuel BOLTON.

Franklin County Will Book B, p 139.
Will of William Bolton, Hamilton Twp, written 9 Mar 1795, proven 1 Sep 1802.
Wife Sarah to be maintained by son William; son Samuel seven shillings and his eldest son William fifteen pounds; daughter Ann Smith twenty pounds; daughter Mary Bolton to be maintained by son William; daughter Sarah Bolton fifty pounds; son William all my real and personal estate.
Exec: Son William and Capt Samuel Patton.
Wit: Alexander Speer and Daniel Eckels.

Is this family related to the BOLTONs Below?

The Family of William & Mary (SMITH) BOLTON

Family lore says: William & Mary were married circa 1800 in Ireland. Soon after their marraige they came to America & settled near Chambersburg, Franklin County, PA.

Known children:
Male BOLTON b. circa 1801, PA.

Female BOLTON b. circa 1803, PA.

Sarah BOLTON b. 19 Nov 1805, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA; m. 03 Jun 1824 in Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA. to William EDWARDS.

Joseph BOLTON b. circa 1807, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA.

Susannah BOLTON b. circa 1811, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA; d. young in Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA.

Samuel BOLTON b. 1812, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA.
this may be my Samuel BOLTON's family
married 8 Aug 1841, Hamilton Co. OH to Easter White known children:
Mary C. BOLTON b. circa 1843, OH.
Joseph BOLTON b. circa 1845, OH.
Harriet E. BOLTON b. circa 1849, Butler Co, OH.
James M. BOLTON b. circa 1852, Butler Co, OH.
John BOLTON b. circa 1857, Butler Co, OH.

Catherine BOLTON b. circa 1814, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA; d. after 1880, IN; m. 17 Sep. 1833, Butler Co. OH to John YOUNG b. circa 1813, d. before 1850, OH.
3 known children:
Rebecca E "Beck" YOUNG b. circa 1834, Butler Co. OH, m 21 Dec. 1855, Butler Co. OH to Amasa COHEE. At Rebecca's death in 1867, they had 5 sons.
  1. Willard L. COHEE b. Sep 1855, Butler Co. OH, m 6 Nov 1880, Monona Co, IA, to Lura E. HERRINGTON, 6 know children:

      1). Clyde H. COHEE b. Apr 1882; m Esther S, 3 know children:
            (1). John H. COHEE.
            (2). Lara E. COHEE.
           (3). Carl R. COHEE.
                    1. Evelyn COHEE.
                    2. Susan COHEE
                    3. Sally COHEE.
                    4. Carl COHEE
      2). Harry Verne COHEE b. 22 Mar 1884, WY, d. 5 Jan 1955, Imerial Co, CA.
      3). Scott COHEE b. circa 1886, NE; m Helen, 2 known children:
           (1). Florence COHEE.
           (2). Clifford COHEE.
      4). Earl L. COHEE b. Apr 1889, NE; m Janet, 5 known childrn:
           (1). Ethel A. COHEE.
           (2). Iran(?) E. COHEE.
           (3). Elva R. COHEE.
           (4). Oren D. COHEE.
           (5). Glen W. COHEE.
      5). Roy COHEE b. circa 1891, NE.
      6). Willard. COHEE b. circa 1894, NE.
  2. Alonzo Benjamin COHEE b. 1858, m 25 Aug 1878, Monona Co, Iowa to Therasa Chapman, 4known children:
     1). Sylain Eugene COHEE b. 8 Aug 1879, IA, d. 26 Mar 1950, Humboldt Co, CA; m Cora B. PEETS, 2 known children:
           Velma J. COHEE b. circa 1904 NE.
           Gertrude Viola b. 9 Jul 1905, NE, d. 9 Nov 1987, Humboldt Co, CA; m SEDLACEK
     2). Marian COHEE b. Jan 1881, IA.
     3). Carl COHEE b. circa 1886, IA. (1930 census living w/ father).
     4). Amasa COHEE b. 20 Mar 1896, NE, d. 27 Apr 1997, MO, m Emira b. 20 Oct 1893, NE, d. May 1974, MO, 8 known childern:
      1). Louise M. COHEE.
      2). Vivian S. COHEE.
      3). Esther E. COHEE.
      4). Phillip D. COHEE.
      5). Margaret L. COHEE.
      6 - 8) Boy, Girl, Girl COHEE.
  3. Eugene COHEE b. circa 1859, Butler Co, OH.
  4. Robert A. COHEE b. circa 1861, Butler Co, OH. By 1930 could be living in Hot Springs, Garland Co, Arkansas.
  5. Haddeus? COHEE b. circa 1865, Butler Co, OH.
William YOUNG b. circa 1836, Butler Co. OH.
James YOUNG b circa 1838, Butler Co. OH.