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b. 17 Dec 1753, Dorsettshire, Parish of Dalwood in Devon, Eng.
d. 14 Nov 1816, Franklin Co, PA.
Said to have came to America in 1769. He married Mary SIMPSON, 14 Feb. 1793, Mercersburg, Upper West, Conococheague, Presbyterian, Franklin Co, PA. She is said to have been born in Ireland.
John was 40 when he married Mary Simpson. She could be a 2d. wife? [He could have married 1st to Hannah HAYCROFT 23 Sep 1784 in Dalwood, Devon, England, one known child: Betty b. Aug 1786, Dalwood, Devon, England]
John & Mary had the had the followig 5 known children, all born between Chambersburg & Fayette, Franklin Co, PA.
William E. EDWARDS, b. 1 Dec 1793, d. 1858, IN.
Elizabeth EDWARDS, b. 2 Jun 1795, d. circa 1821, PA.
unknown EDWARDS, b. 7 Mar. 1795, d. 8 Mar 1795 PA.
John EDWARDS, b. 3 Aug. 1798.
Simpson EDWARDS, b. 9 Mar. 1800, d. circa 1804 PA.

Map showing Dalwood *** Map showing Franklin Co, PA *** more EDWARDS & ANNNING

Sarah Bolton Edwards

William E. EDWARDS
b. 1 Dec 1793,between Chambersburg & Fayette, PA;
d. 24 Apr 1858, Hamilton Co, IN;
m. 3 Jun 1824 in Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA;
to Sarah BOLTON (pictured at right);
b. 19 Nov 1805, Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA;
d. 31 Jan 1895, Hamilton Co. IN.

William enlisted in the war of 1812 on 1 Mar 1814 - 24 Aug 1814: Priv, Capt., Samuel GORDON (Gordon's volunteers) 4th Co, Col., James FENTON 5th PA . He was wounded in the right arm at the battle of Bridgewater (Lundy's Lane)Canada. He is also said to have lived/worked for the McDowell family in Chambersburg PA. when he was a young adult. While living with the McDowells he met the Boltons. The McDowell's had a daughter named Myrtilla.
  Circa 1837 the Edwards family moved to Union Co. IN. Circa 1844 they moved to Hamilton Co. IN. They had 160 acres at Fall Creek, four miles from Fortville and 20 miles from Indianapolis. The farm is now under Geist Reservoir
Jan 7th 1878
letter & Oct 8 1882 letter to Cornelia (Edwards) BOND from Sarah (Bolton) EDWARDS.

The 11 children of William E. & Sarah (BOLTON) EDWARDS:

William Bolton EDWARDS, b. 24 Mar. 1825, Franklin Co. PA., d. 17 Mar. 1865, Annapolis, MD; m.18 Nov 1847, Hendricks Co, IN to Elizabeth English b. 25 Jul 1828, NJ, d. 24 Mar 1904, IN.
William enlested in the Civil War on 28 Aug. 1862, & served in B Co., of the 2nd Ind. Cavalry. He transferred on 14 Sep. 1864 from Co., B to Co., C. He spent months in Andersonville prison, and when he was exchanged was too ill to get home. He died in a hospital in Annapolis, MD. His brother Robert brought his body back to IN.

7 known children:
Simpson Asbury EDWARDS, b.c. 1849, Hamilton Co. IN, d. 1926, Denver CO; m 29 Jul 1875, Hamilton Co., IN, to Mollie L. WHITE.

Leander Melvin EDWARDS, b. 19 Apr 1850, Hamilton Co. IN, d.3 Dec 1904, Anderson, IN; m 5 Jun 1872, Marion Co., IN to Mary Ann Alice DAY b.25 Mar 1855, IN, d. 24 Mar 1933, IN.
They had the following six children all children born in Hamilton Co., IN:
1) Elsie F. EDWARDS b.27 May 1874, d. 13 May 1944, Anderson, IN; m 10 Dec 1890, IN to Oscar H. GUILKEY. three known children:
    1a) Harry GUILKEY b. 4 Apr 1892, d.16 Jul 1892, Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN.
    1b) Pauline Isabelle GUILKEY16 Jul 1906,28 Aug 1906, Noblesville, Hamilton Co., IN.
    1c) Oscar GUILKEY b. 21 Jul 1907, Hamilton Co., IN, m POLEN, had two daus.
2) Nancy Ocilla EDWARDS b. 21 Feb 1876, d. 6 Jan 1971, IN; m 10 Feb 1897, IN to Charles F. HURLOCK. two known children:
    2a) Beatrice HURLOCK b. 2 Apr 1898, Hamilton Co. IN; m 27 Dec 1920, Madison Co, IN to Floyd KRAUS, two daus.
    2b) Lula Vida HURLOCK b.16 Feb 1900, Hamilton Co., IN; m 15 Sep 1920, Madison Co, IN to James W. FORD, four children (one daugter Nancy m YALE).
3) Frankie B. EDWARDS b. 16 Sep 1880, d. 19 Aug 1970, IN; m 23 Jan 1913, IN to Robert F. JOHNSON, atleast one child.
4) Jessie D. EDWARDS b. 29 Feb 1884, d. 16 Jun 1902, Anderson, IN.
5) Eva Lee EDWARDS b. 11 Aug 1891, d. 2 Oct 1976, IN; m 23 Mar 1910, IN to Eugene VEST, three daugters.
6) Bonnie Pauline Diadema EDWARD b. 4 Feb 1894, d. 27 Dec 1973, FL; m Jewell Clay KELLY, four children.

Hariett G. EDWARDS, b.6 Nov 1852, d. 10 Apr 1874; m Matthew L. WRIGHT, had a son William b. circa 1870, IN.

Frances Lillian EDWARDS, b 10 May 1853; m 28 Mar 1900, to Bruce SMITH.

Enola Emiline EDWARDS, b.12 Apr 1855, Hamilton Co., IN, d. 12 Mar 1933,Brea, Orange Co., CA; m 13 Nov 1881, Hamilton Co., IN to Oliver SCHOCK b. 7 May 1859, Hamilton Co., IN, d. 21 Jun 1943, Orange Co., CA.
2 known children:
1) Bert SCHOCK b. 26 Sep 1882, IN d. 9 Feb 1965, Los Angeles Co., CA; m Cora AMICKb.29 Sep 1878, IN, d.25 Sep 1954, San Bernardino Co, CA. known child:
    1a) Joseph Amick SCHOCK b. 26 Oct 1912, IN, d. 15 Apr 1992, Riverside Co., CA.
2) Frank SCHOCK b.6 Sep 1884, Hamilton Co., IN, d.18 Apr 1977, Orange Co., CA; m 14 May 1902, Hamilton Co, IN to Chritine WHEELER. 2 known children:
    2a) Edna May SCHOCK b. 1 Dec 1902, IN, d. 27 Sep 1991, Ornage Co., CA; m CRITCHLOW. 3 known children: Robert S., Donald E., Patricia A.
   2b) Thelma Irene SCHOCK b. 7 Aug 1904, IN, d. 13 Jun 1991, Nevada Co., CA; m PENDERGAST. 2 known children: David M. & James E. 

Charles Vencent EDWARDS, b.10 Feb1857, d. 6 Apr 1930, Denver, CO; m Mary Ella STEELE.
2 known children:
    Emma EDWARDS b. circa 1879, Hancock Co., IN; m 11 May 1902, Hamilton Co. IN to Walter E. STOHL.
    Margaret M. EDWARDS b. 1880, Hancock Co., IN; m 12 Nov 1903, Hancock Co., IN to John D. CRAIG.

Henrietta Mary EDWARDS, b.21 Nov 1858, d. 22 Dec 1940, Los Angeles Co., CA; m 2d wife of Matthew L. WRIGHT.
four known children born in Hamilton Co, IN:
   Charles WRIGHT b. circa 1878.
   Lula WRIGHT b. circa 1880.
   Boy WRIGHT b. 8 Nov 1883.
  Bessie E. WRIGHT b. circa 1885, m 22 Jan 1903, Hamilton Co, IN to Orie W. BAILEY, moved to Los Angeles, CA.

After William's death Elizabeth married Thomas Jefferson HANNA on 21 Jul 1869 to Hamilton Co., IN, he died before 1880. They had one child Julian Edward HANNA b. 2 Mar 1871, d. 29 Jul 1945. Julian married 26 Feb 1893 to Pellas HADLEY, 6 known children:
  Hary Troy HANNA b.21 Feb 1894, Hamilton Co, IN; m 10 Mar 1915 to Cecile SIGMAN, 4 known children:.
    Margaret B. HANNA b. 19 Feb 1916, Hamilton Co, IN
    Halcyon Marie. HANNA b. 24 Jul 1917, Hamilton Co, IN
    Lois HANNA b.3 Sep 1918, Hamilton Co, IN
    Harry Troy HANNA b.17 Sep 1920, Hamilton Co, IN
  Halcy HANNA b. May 1896.
  Kenneth HANNA b. 11 Apr 1901, Marion Co, IN.
  Keith HANNA b.6 May 1902, Marion Co, IN.
  Edith HANNA b.27 Dec 1910, Hamilton Co, IN.
  Gleola HANNAH b. 6 Jun 1912, Hamilton Co, IN.

For more information on the HANNA Family click here!

Ro EdwardsJohn Simpson EDWARDS (twin of William), b. 24 Mar. 1825, Franklin Co. PA, d. 20 Aug 1881, IN; m. 11 Oct 1850 in Hamilton Co. IN. to Roane STAATS (pictured at right) b. 19 Jun 1831, VA, d. 21 Oct 1910, Pasadena, CA.
In letters John is known as Simpson. He enlisted, 20 Sep. 1861 in the Civil War, & served in the B Co. of the 2nd Ind. Cavalry. He was promoted to Full Capt on 26 Dec. 1861 & then promoted to Full Major on 1 Mar. 1864. He was mustered out on 4 October 1864.

Jul 16 1864 Letter to Cornelia (Edwards) BOND from John Simpson EDWARDS.
5 known children all born in Hamilton Co., IN:
Joseph L. EDWARDS, b. 24/5 Aug 1851, d. 25/7 Oct 1879, Hamilton Co., IN.

Laura B. EDWARDS, b.22 Nov 1856, d. 25 Dec 1935, Pasadena, CA; m 20 Jun 1883, Hamilton Co., IN to William S. ROBINSON b. 23 May 1856, Indianapolis, IN, d.16 Feb 1939, Pasadena, Los Angeles Co, CA.

William McArthur EDWARDS, b. 27 Feb 1867.

Bertram EDWARDS b. 10 Jan 1870, d. 6 Mar 1870.

Io EDWARDS, b. after 1860. (talk about her in letters: Letter G. 29 Dec. 1867, tells of Row & Io being ill. Letter H. 5 Apr 1868 - Tues - 24 Io Edwards was at Sallie& Wrights' wedding).

Mary Elizabeth EDWARDS, b. Circa 1832, PA; m.28 Jan 1847, Hamilton Co., IN to Eli BROOKS b.22 Mar 1822, IN, d. 22 Sep 1865, Iowa City, Johnson Co, IA .
8Known children:
Madison Simpson BROOKS, b.circa 1849, Jefferson Co. IN.

William "Willie" E. BROOKS, b. circa 1851, IA, d.24 Aug 1870, Johnson Co, IA.

Charles E. BROOKS b. circa 1854, IN; m. 1st. - Apr. 1874 to Jenny BEAM b.10 Mar 1849, d.27 May 1876,Iowa City, Johnson Co, IA; 2nd. - circa 1877, to Mabel TODD. Charles & Jenny had one known child:
  Clinton W BROOKS b. 2 Jan 1875, IA, d.10 Jan 1940, Orange Co, CA; m Grace MICHIN b.18 Apr 1878, d. 1 Apr 1952Orange Co, CA, four known children:
    Kathryn Cleora BROOKS b.16 Aug 1902, CA, d. 4 Aug 1985,Contra Costa Co, CA m Mancelia DEGRASSE, they had a daugter Betsy DEGRASSE m Kenneth Reuben FAULK.
    Charles Spencer BROOKS b. 9 Dec 1904, CA, d. 30 Apr 1957, San Bernardino Co, CA.
    Arthur Clifford BROOKS
    Gertude Myrna BROOKS

Joseph V. BROOKS b. circa 1857, IA, d. 1 Nov 1938, Los Angeles Co, CA; m. Lydia BINGHAM.
  Everett Binham BROOKS b. 4 Apr 1888, KS, d. 22 Mar 1957 Los Angeles Co, CA. two known children: Robert E & Joseph V.
  Harold BROOKS m Vera

Imelda Eva BROOKS b. circa 1859, IA, d. 26 Aug 1939, Los Angeles Co, CA..

Annie Laura BROOKS b. circa 1861, IA.

Ada S. BROOKS b. circa 1862, Johnson Co, IA, d. 15 Sep 1937, Los Angeles Co, CA.

Clementine BROOKS. questionable.

BROOKS Letters

Robert EdwardsRobert Smith EDWARDS (pictured at right), b. 31 May 1827, Franklin Co. PA, d. 7 Oct. 1907, IN: m 1st. 27 Jan 1848 Hamilton Co. IN to Elizabeth LACKEY b.26 Oct 1829, IN, d. 26 Jul 1855.
3 known children all born in Hamilton Co., IN:
William F. EDWARDS, b.28 Dec 1848, d. 18 Aug 1853, Hamilton Co., IN.

Joseph Addison EDWARDS, b. 27 Aug 1850, d. 29 Dec 1880, MN; m Catherine
two know children:
  Nettie EDWARDS b. circa 1877, MN.
  Cora EDWARDS b. circa 1879, MN.

Thomas Granville EDWARDS, b. circa 1852, d. 28 Feb 1917, MN.

m 2d. Rebecca "Beck" GIBSON (4 Mar.1838-31 Jul. 1906).
3 known children:
Minnie EDWARDS, b. 22 Mar. 1858, Madison Co., IN, d. 15 Jul 1924, Madison Co., IN. m HOUSTON

Sarah Olive "Ollie" EDWARDS, b. 16 Jan 1862, IN, d. 21 Jan 1941, Ingalls, Madison Co., IN; m 19 Dec 1880, Madison Co, IN to William C. PETTIGREW.

Samuel Gibson "Sammie" EDWARDS , b. 11 Feb. 1868,Madison Co, IN, d. 11 Nov 1923, Los Angeles, CA; m 1st, 28 Dec 1887, Greenfield, IN to Martha Emma SCOTT b. 3 Aug 1869, Greenfield, IN, d. 16 Dec 1943, Indianapolis, IN, 2d, Edith M.
1 known child:
   Scott Robert EDWARDS b. 17 Jan 1891, Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN, d. 1 Feb 1952, Los Angeles, CA; m 2 Sep 1914, Anderson, IN to Kathleen STILWELL, b. 26 Aug 1892, Anderson, IN, d. 17 Feb 1965, Monterey, CA.
3 known children:
      Thomas Stilwell EDWARDS, b. 28 Dec 1915, Indianapolis, IN, d. 14 Dec 1994, The Colonnades, Charlottesville, Albemarle Co, VA; m 6 Jun 1941, Charlottesville, VA to Mary Medley SHEPHERD. they had 6 children.
     Margaret Stilwell EDWARDS b. 7 May 1920, Indianapolis, IN; m ARNOLD.
     Scott Robert EDWARDS b. 25 Jul 1924, Fort Lauderdale, FL, d. 10 Sep 1983, Los Angeles Co, CA.

Joseph "Joe" EDWARDS, b. Circa 1834, Franklin Co., PA, d. of typhoid 11 Jan 1856, Hamilton Co., IN.

Charles Wesley EDWARDS, b. Circa 1836, Fayette Co. PA, d. 21 Jan 1911, Hamilton Co. IN; m. 19 Oct 1859 in Hamilton Co. IN to Evaline MCPHERSON b. circa 1838, OH, d. 22 Nov 1923, Hamilton Co., IN.
Charles took over the family farm when his Father died.
Oct 8 1882 letter to Cornelia (Edwards) BOND from Evaline (McPherson) EDWARDS
11 known children all born in Hamilton Co. IN:
1.) Esther May EDWARDS b. 25 Oct 1860, d. 30 Nov 1934, IN; m 23 Mar 1879, Hamilton Co., IN to William Nelson HARRISON b. 16 Sep 1856, IN, d.15 Aug 1923, IN. 7 known cildren:
  Millie HARRISON m Fred CARSON.
    Marleia CARSON m Jerry O'Harve.
    boy CARSON.
  Marcella HARRISON m Charles SMITH.
    Helen SMITH.
    Twin girls SMITH.
    Evelyn SMITH.
    Arthur N. CORNELIUS.
  Everett HARRISON.
    2 children HARRISON.
    Lois Marie MENDENHALL.
  Dove HARRISON m George BEAL.
    Betty J. BEAL.
    Benjamin Bruce BEAL.
  Leslie HARRISON m Mike DONA.

2.) Elsworth Everett EDWARDS (1862-1886) m Etta LACKEY. 2 known children:
  Everett EDWARDS b. 25 Aug 1885, d. 6 Feb 1969, m Lera KNOLTON d. 13 Jan 1977. 3 known children:
    Elsworth EDWARDS.
    Norman EDWARDS.
    Reita EDWARDS.
   Mamie EDWARDS b. 6 Nov 1886, d. Jun 1887, Hamilton Co, IN.

3.) Annie EDWARDS b.4 Oct 1862, d. 11 Apr 1944; m Thomas FAUSSETT b. 1858, d. 1939.

4.) Robert B."Bobby" EDWARDS . 23 Sep 1863, d. circa 1929; m Etta b. circa 1868, d. circa 1953. 2 known children:
  Edwin EDWARDS.

5.) William Bolton "Billy" EDWARDS b. 23 Nov 1864, d. 31 Dec 1949, m 28 Jan 1887, Hamilton Co., IN to Anna Belle ROBB b.9 Nov 1865, d. 6 Apr 1909, Hamilton Co., IN.
edwards children10 known children:
  Amy EDWARDS b.4 Dec 1887 m Clarence Herman WARD.
    Francis Edward WARD m Lois L. JACKSON.
    Betty Jean WARD m Robert M. WATSON.
  Fletcher Ward EDWARDS b. 8 Sep. 1889, d. 11 Dec 196?, m Florence Mae KIMBERLIN.
    Velma Eileen EDWARDS m Gene LEISURE.
    Norman Harold EDWARDS m Mary A. HILL.
    Carl Russell EDWARDS m Betty M. BROWN.
    Maxine Violet EDWARDS m CARSON.
    Herbert Ralph EDWARDS m Joyce.
    Paul EDWARDS m Norma.
    Rex EDWARDS.
    Dorothy EDWARDS
  Frank Emerson EDWARDS b. 8 Sep. 1889, m Goldie Ethel SHULL.
    William Freeman EDWARDS m Delores APPLEGET.
    Anna Emaline EDWARDS m Charles F. MANSHIP.
    Maud Ellen EDWARDS.
    Robert Glenn EDWARDS m Wilma Jean PAXTON.
    Joe Otto EDWARDS m Marjorie APPLEGATE
    Pearl I EDWARDS m Kenneth E. REED.
  Bertha EDWARDS b. 10 May 1891, m Lawrence Vernon MANSHIP.
    Rosemary MANSHIP m Gail WALDRON.
    Lawrence MANSHIP m Nancy.
  Irma "Babe" EDWARDS b. 24 Mar. 1893, m Harvey William CASTETTER.
    Marjorie CASTETTER m BASHAM then WARREN.
    Floyd CASTETTER m Sara MILES.
    James CASTETTER m Elizabeth.
    Vernon CASTETTER m Marjorie.
    Wilford CASTETTER m Frances.
    Henry CASTETTER m Alma
  Alphonso Granville EDWARDS b. 5 Jul 1901, d. 25 Sep. 1959, m Addie Elizabeth WIGGAM.
    Charles EDWARDS m Betty.
    Richard EDWARDS m Jeannie.
    Robert EDWARDS m Connie.
  Donald Conway EDWARDS b. 28 Dec 1902, d. 2 May 1969, m Dora Chatherine HAWKINS.
    Robert EDWARDS m .
    Helen EDWARDS.
    Russell EDWARDS.
    Naomi EDWARDS.
  Rolland McPherson EDWARDS b. 27 Feb. 1905, d. 15 Apr. 1971, m Rose Marie VEAL.
  Alfred Warren EDWARDS b. 12 Mar. 1907, d. Jun 1907.
  Leota EDWARDS b. 27 Mar. 1909, m James Ralph HAINES.
    Patricia HAINES.
    Karen HAINES.
    Claudia HAINS.

photo: back Row: (left to right) Fletcher, Amy, Irma (Babe), Bertha & Frank Edwards.front Row: Granville, Leota, Roland & Donald Edwards.picture courtesy of Betty Ward-Watson & Debbie Ward-Haskett.

6.) Georgie EDWARDS (1866-1866).

7.) Sarah EDWARDS (1868-1868).

8.) Frankie EDWARDS (1870-1870).

9.) Baby EDWARDS (1871 - 1871).

10.) Frederick EDWARDS b.24 Feb 1875, d. 19 Aug 1944, m Bernice HAIR, 3 known children:
  John W. EDWARDS b. Feb 1898, Hamilton Co., IN, d. 1940.
  Patricia EDWARDS b. circa 1900, Hamilton Co., IN.
  Marcia EDWARDS b. circa 1900, Hamilton Co., IN..

11.) Otto "Ottie" EDWARDS b. 23 Mar 1877, d. 12 Jan 1952, m 1st. Mary Deluse, 2d. Addie SMITH.
2 children from 1st marriage:
  Charles D. EDWARDS m Velma Meadors, they had Paul.
  George EDWARDS m Lena C. Barker, they had two boys: Fred & Frank.

Anna Catherine "Kate" EDWARDS, b. circa Dec 1839, IN, d.27 Mar 1912, Noblesville, Hamilton Co, IN; m 5 Feb 1861, in Hamilton Co, IN to Eusebius A. "Sebe" RUSSELL, b. circa 1835, IN, d. 19 Nov 1899, Noblesville, Hamilton Co. (other spellings of name: Eurebus, Erisebas, Uselles, Uselus, Eurevus.)
During the Civil War Sebe enlisted, 20 September 1861, B Co. 2nd Cav Reg. IN. He was promoted to Full Qtr Master Serg., transferred from Company B to Company S. & mustered out on 4 Oct 1864.
known children:
Louella "Ella" RUSSELL b. circa 1862, IN. Have three possible husbands & children:
#1: 11 Jun 1888, Marion Co, Harrison HANCOCK, son: Claude HANCOCK b. 16 Jul 1888, Marion Co, IN m 18 Dec 1907, Hancock Co, IN to Minnie OSTERMYER.
#2: 9 Sep 1891, Marion Co, IN to Charles D. TREES, son: b. 1 Jun 1892, Hancock Co, IN.
#3: 7 Dec 1899, Marion Co, IN to Joseph E. WILSON, son: b. 11 Mar 1900, Hancock Co, IN.

Leona "Lona" B. RUSSEL b. circa 1866, IN; m 24 Aug 1890, Hamilton Co, IN to Denton L. GASKILL.

William Edward RUSSELL b. circa 1868, IN; m 15 Nov 1902, Hamilton Co, IN to Pearl Mae LEDNUM.
  Minnie RUSSELL b. circa 1904, IN.

Ray RUSSELL b. circa 1872, IN.

Robert RUSSELL b. circa 1876, IN.

Victor RUSSELL b. circa 1879, IN.

Nellie EdwardsCornelia EDWARDS (pictured at right), b. 12 Apr. 1842, IN ; d. 18 May 1909, Riverside CA; m. 12 Aug. 1862, Hamilton Co. IN, to Pelatiah BOND.
During the Civil War, Pelatiah enlisted in the 8th Reg. Ind. Vol. Inft. for three months on 15 April 1861. On the 28th of Aug. 1862 he entered the service in B Co., in the 2nd Regiment Indiana Cavalry (41st Regiment Volunteers). He transferred on 14 Sep. 1864 from Co., B to Co., D. He was mustered out on 25 Jun. 1865. Here are the family's Civil War letters. More information on this family.
From 1874 to at least June 1876, both Pelatiah & Cornelia were employed by the Quapaw Agency at the Ottawa Reserve. Pelatiah was the head Teacher & Cornelia was the Matron. By 1887 the family was living in Southern California.
They had 4 daughters:
Myrtilla Leona BOND, b. 8 Dec 1863 Fortville, Hamilton Co. IN, d. 8 Dec. 1836, Hamilton Co. IN; m. 28 Mar 1883 to William Franklin HUNT b. 2 Sep 1868, d. 15 Mar 1912, IN.

Iona Luella BOND, b. 13 May 1866; d. 23 Jan. 1884, CA; m. circa 1883, CA to Robert L. DALY b. 20 Jan 1865, d. 23 Dec 1894, Southern CA..

Katherine Cornelia BOND, b. 16 Dec. 1870, Minneapolis, Minn; d. 10 Aug. 1946, Riverside, CA; m. 1st. 1892, in Pamona CA. to Alfred PASCOE, 2nd. Clinton WHITE.

Myrlea Rebina BOND, b. 28 Aug. 1872, Neosha Co. Kas, d. 22 Sep. 1901, Pomona CA; m. Palmer ASHTON b. 20 Jul 1868, d. 21 Jul 1960, Los Angeles Co, CA..

Caroline EDWARDS, b. Circa 1843, IN, d.18 Jul 1923, Hamilton Co, IN; m 25 May 1872, Hamilton Co. IN. to William CACA b. circa 1847 at sea (Atlantic Ocean), d. 18 Oct 1921, Hamilton Co, IN. According to letters in October of 1882 William Sr. was very ill & not believed to recover. I cannot find him in the 1900-1920 censuses, he is not living with Carrie & Lena.
2 known children:
Lena CACA b. circa 1873, IN, could have married KELLAR sometime after 1920 & lived in Tipton, IN.

William Chester CACA b. 13 May 1879, IN, d. 3 May 1950, Del Norte Co., CA.
Never married, he was a Vet of WWI.

Harriet EDWARDS b. Circa 1846, Hamilton Co. IN; d. before end of 1846,Hamilton Co. IN. Aged 2 months.

Bertie DuncanSarah Jane EDWARDS, b. 2 Jun 1847, Hamilton Co. IN, d. 12 Sep 1918 in Mount Gilead, Morrow, Ohio; m. 24 Apr. 1868, Fortville IN. to Hiram Wright DUNCAN b.21 May 1847, IN, d. 6 Jun 1913, in Los Angeles, California..
Known children:
Herbert Melville "Bertie" DUNCAN b. 4 May 1870 in Woodson, Kansas. (pictured at right) , d. 24 Oct 1910 m 5 July 1896 to Georgia Kennedy.

Arthur Clifton DUNCAN b. 3 Sep 1873 in Woodson, Kansas, d. 30 Apr 1945 in Mount Gilead, Morrow, Ohio. m 14 Dec 1927 to Hortense Virginia Kingman.

1880 census has Hiram & Herbert living in Baxter Springs, Cherokee, Kansas.
10 Mar 1884, Hiram married Maggie Foster.

Caca & DuncansPictured at right: standing, Carrie Edwards & Miss Duncan.
sitting, Wright & Sally (Edwards) Duncan. circa 1870.
I do not know how the HOWE's are related to the EDWARDS. They could be related via Sarah (BOLTON) EDWARDS' sister Katherine who married John YOUNG & moved to Ohio or Elisabeth EDWARDS sister of William EDWARDS Sr. Letters that Sallie and J. Milt wrote to Cornelia Edwards.

 Civil War letters of the Bonds & Edwards.

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