The Family of Benjamin & Ellen (GOLDSMITH) BOND

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Benjamin BOND, b. 15 Nov. 1797, Surry Co. NC; d. 12 Jan. 1875, Labette Co. Kas. He came to Wayne County, Indiana in 1811. On 18 Mar. 1828 in Wayne Co. IN. he married Eleanor "Ellen" GOLDSMITH, b. 26 Jan. 1802, Albany Co. NY; d. 4 Mar. 1897, Pulaski Co. KY. note below, the Justice of the Peace wrote Anna Goldsmith, not Ellen.

Letter from Ellen to Pelatiah, 1864
Ahnentafel Reports for Benjamin & Ellen BOND
The children of Benjamin & Ellen (GOLDSMITH) BOND:

Erastus BOND, b. 8 Jan. 1829, Wayne Co. IN; d. 30 Jan. 1829, Wayne Co. IN.

Samson BOND, b. 7 Jan. 1830, Wayne Co. IN; m.21 May 1847 to Ann JACKSON (more below).

Jacob Sylvanus BOND, b. 11 Feb. 1832, Wayne Co. IN; d. 14 Feb. 1833, Wayne Co. IN.

Pelatiah BOND, b. 8 Feb. 1834, Wayne Co. IN; d. 8 May 1922, Riverside Co, CA; m 12 Aug 1862, Hamilton Co, IN to Cornelia EDWARDS b.12 Apr 1843, IN, d. Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co, CA (more below).

Hezekiah BOND, b. 29 Aug. 1836, Wayne Co. IN; d. 26 Oct. 1864, Salisbury, NC; m.17 Apr. 1858 to Ann (HOUGH) POALTON (more below).

David BOND, b. 26 Jun. 1838, Wayne Co. IN; d. 17 Jun. 1839, Wayne Co. IN.

Benjamin BOND, b. 6 Apr. 1840, Randolph Co. IN; d. 25 Nov. 1861, of typhoid fever at a field hospital at Budd's Ferry, Maryland. His body was taken to his Uncle Gardner Goldsmith's farm in Fall Creek Twp, Hamilton Co, IN and he was later buried in Crown Hill Cemetery (below is the receipt from the grave digger, courtesy of Ruth E. Dolby) . He was a soldier in Co. F, 3rd Cavalry Reg. IN. Vol. during the Civil War.

Daniel BOND, b. 2 Apr. 1842, Randolph Co. IN, d. 3 Mar 1924, Los Angeles Co, CA; m. 1st. Lizzie C. SMITH, 2nd. Alice M. BOWMAN, 3rd. Martha (CONLEE) TAYLOR (more below).

Edward J. BOND, b. 5 May 1845, Randolph Co. IN, d. 4 Jul. 1930, Los Angeles Co., CA; m 1st, 24 Oct. 1869 to Mary E. (RUBLE) KNIGHT d. 18 Aug. 1900, 2d to Amelia (more below).

Samson BOND, b. 7 Jan. 1830, Wayne Co. IN, d. 18 Jun 1871, Dayton Twp, Hennepin Co, MN; m 21 May 1847, Randolph Co., IN to Ann JACKSON.

They moved to Minnesota in 1855. During the Civil War, Samson tried enlisting but was rejected because he had a deformed foot.

Reuben BOND b. Jan 1848, d. age 5.

Laban BOND b. Jan. 1848 twin of Reuben, d. infant.

Ellen BOND b. 1849, d. young.

William A. BOND b. 18 Jan. 1851, d. circa 1868.

Nathan BOND b. 1 Jul. 1852, m Mary SMITH.
  Flora Etta BOND.
  William BOND.
  Cornelia BOND.

Floretta Etta BOND b. 29 Oct. 1853, d. circa 1875, m 23 Feb. 1874 to Russell T. VARNEY.

Caleb BOND b. 21 May 1855 m Anna (DENNIS) RUSSELL.

Sarah Ellen BOND b. 14 May 1857, d. Jan. 1869.

Samson BOND b. 14 Jul. 1859.

Sebitha BOND b. 2 Feb. 1861, m 1 Feb. 1879 to James DEERING.
  Nellie DEERING b. 27 Jul 1881.
  Celia DEERING b. 27 Apr 1883.
  Sarah DEERING b. 8 Nov 1886.
  Agnes DEERING b. 24 Apr 1889, d. 9 Oct 1904.
  Charles DEERING b. 8 Sep 1891.
  Edna DEERING b. 25 May 1893.
  Lucile DEERING b. 1 Jun 1896, d. 8 Jan 1899.
  Irene DEERING b. 30 Oct 1898.
  Arthur DEERING b.1 Jun 1901.
  Harriet DEERING b. May 1904.
  Edward DEERING b. 29 May 1906.

Rebecca BOND b. 24 Oct. 1862, m Richard Henry STAPLES.
  Carrie STAPLES b. 18 Dec 1888, m Frank EMERY.

Benjamin BOND b. Jul. 1864, d. infant.

Jane BOND b. 24 Apr. 1866, m 26 Aug. 1883, 2nd wife of Russell T. VARNEY.
   Hulda VARNEY b. 11 Nov 1884, m August Frederick Johann LE CLAIR. 3 children: Alma , Albert & Anna.
   Betsy VARNEY b. 15 Apr 1886, m Johann Peter Carl TAFELMYER. had son Henry A.
  Richard T. VERNEY b. 8 Jun 1888.

Cornelia BOND b. 16 Dec. 1867, m 23 Sep. 1888 to William Obed RUSSELL.
   Gertrude Lillian RUSSELL b.16 Apr 1889 .
   William Goldsmith RUSSELL b. 11 Oct 1891.
   Flora Mae RUSSELL b. 20 Mar 1893.
   Myrtle Belle RUSSELL b. 12 Jun 1894.
   Rainie Alfred RUSSELL b. 3 Feb 1896.
   Mildred Violet RUSSELL b. 13 Dec 1897.
   Martha Ann RUSSELL b. 25 Nov 1899.
   Earl Stephen RUSSELL b. 23 Apr 1901.
   Clara Phoebe RUSSELL b. 29 Jan 1904.
   Alta Helen RUSSELL b. 30 Oct 1906.
   Douglas Paul RUSSELL b. 30 Aug 1908.

Bond Family Pictured at right: Katherine, Cornelia, Myrtle, Ty, & Myrlea. Taken in Pomona California.

Pelatiah BOND, b. 8 Feb, 1834, Wayne Co. IN; d. 8 May 1922, Riverside Co, CA; m 12 Aug 1862, Hamilton Co, IN to Cornelia EDWARDS b.12 Apr 1843, IN, d. 11 May 1909 Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co, CA.

During the Civil War, Pelatiah enlisted in the 8th Reg. Ind. Vol. Inft. for three months on 15 April 1861. On the 28th of Aug. 1862 he entered the service in B Co., in the 2nd Regiment Indiana Cavalry (41st Regiment Volunteers). He transferred on 14 Sep. 1864 from Co., B to Co., D. He was mustered out on 25 Jun. 1865. Here are the family's Civil War letters.
From 1874 to at least June 1876, both Pelatiah & Cornelia were employed by the Quapaw Agency at the Ottawa Reserve. Pelatiah was the head Teacher & Cornelia was the Matron. By 1887 the family was living in Southern California.

Wm HuntThe 4 children of Pelatiah & Cornelia BOND:
Myrtilla Leona BOND, b. 8 Dec 1863 Fortville, Hamilton Co. IN, d.27 Jul 1936, Palisides, CA; m. 28 Mar 1883 to William Franklin HUNT b.2 Sep. 1868, d. 15 Mar. 1912, IN.
William & Myrtilla had 3 children:
  Mary Iona HUNT, b. 5 Mar 1884 Lynn, IN, m 8 Sep. 1906 to Roy C. KEEVER b. 15 Oct 1883, d. 15 Sep 1966, IN. They had a daughter:
Myrtilla & Mary Hunt    Miriam Cornelia KEEVER b. 6 Jul. 1907 Modoc IN, m 23 Dec 1926 to Earl W. RUSSELL. They had two children:
      Rosalie June RUSSELL m Claude FULTZ.
      Earl Dennis RUSSELL m Vanis SNYDER.
  Katie G. HUNT b. 21 May 1892, d. 08 Apr 1901.
Miriam Keever  Bonnie Myrlea HUNT b. 10 Jul 1894, d. 15 Apr 1901.
Pictured at right: William HUNT, Myrtilla & Mary HUNT, Mariam KEEVER.
picture of Katie & Bonnie

  Iona Luella BOND, b. 13 May 1866; d. 23 Jan. 1884; m. circa 1863 to Robert L. DALY b. 20 Jan 1865, d. 23 Dec 1894, CA. had at least one child Bertha. Robert Daly's obit.

Katherine Cornelia BOND, b. 16 Dec. 1870, Minneapolis, Minn; d. 10 Aug. 1946, Riverside, CA; m. 1st. 1892, in Pamona CA. to Alfred PASCOE, 2nd. Clinton WHITE.

Myrlea Rebina BOND, b. 28 Aug. 1872, Neosha Co. Kas; d. 22 Sep. 1901, Pamona CA; m. Palmer ASHTON b.20 Jul 1868, d. 21 Jul 1960, Los Angeles Co, CA.

more Bond pictures
Pictures of unidentified family and friends.

Hezekiah BondHezekiah BOND, b. 29 Aug. 1836, Wayne Co. IN; d. 26 Oct. 1864, Salisbury, NC; m.17 Apr. 1858 to Ann (HOUGH) POALTON b.18 May 1829, New Garden, IN, d. 5 Sep 1908, Whatcom Co, WA.

During the Civil War, Hezekiah enlisted 14 Aug. 1862 as a Private in F Co. 1st. Inf. MN. Reg. On 22 Aug 1862 he transferred to B Co. 1st. Battn Reg. MN. He participated in the Battle of Gettysburg & others . He died 26 Oct. 1864, a P. O. W. at Salisbury, N. C.
By 1888 Ann & Carrie were living in Watcom Co, WA.

scipio bondThe 2 children of Hezekiah & Ann BOND:
Scipio BOND b. 28 Aug. 1859 Minn. m 2 Dec. 1886 to Laura A. BURRILL. They had a daughter Dorothy BOND b. 11 Nov 1900. picture of Dorothy.
Scipio was a Dentist in Anoka, Anoka Co., Minn. Sometime before 1949 Scipio was living in Riverside, Fairfield Co., Conn. with his daughter Dorothy. I have no idea if Dorothy ever married or had any children.

carrie & ann bondCaroline BOND b. 16 Jan 1861 Minn, d. 17 Oct 1948, Whatcom Co, WA; m 21 Jul 1889, Whatcom Co, WA to Elijah Madison ADAMS, b. 25 Mar 1862, Versailles, IL, d. 10 Oct 1926, Bellingham, Whatcom Co, WA. They had 3 children:
  Victor Goldsmith ADAMS b.7 Jul 1890, Whatcom Co, WA.. d. Apr 1976, Snohomish, Snohomish Co, WA .
  Portia Anada ADAMS b. 25 Mar 1895/24 Mar 1898, Whatcom Co, WA, d. Jun 1981, Sheridan Park, Kitsap Co, WA.; m circa 1926 to Eugene ORTWEIN b. 13 Jan 1900, d. Feb 1977, Sheridan Park, Kitsap Co, WA.
  Daphne Dale ADAMS b.19 Mar 1900, Whatcom Co, WA, d. 17 Jul 1993, San Diego Co, CA; m circa 1924 to Gustav Albert LUND. Had at least one child, Gustav Albert LUND Jr. b. 20 Nov 1925, Whatcom or Kings Co, WA, d. 19 Aug 1960, Los Angeles Co, CA.
Daphne ADAMS m 2d MEADOR.

[From The Deming Prospector, August 20, 1926]
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ortwein had dinner guests Thursday evening Mrs. Ortwein's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Adams of Bellingham, and Mr. and Mrs. Clinton White of Riverside, California, cousins of Mrs. Adams ... Mrs. White is a teacher in the Riverside school and Mr. White has supervision of irrigation in that district.

pictured top: Hezekiah; middle: Scipio ; bottom: Ann & Caroline.

dan bondDaniel BOND, b. 2 Apr. 1842, Randolph Co. IN, d. 3 Mar 1924, Los Angeles Co, CA; m. 1st. 15 Mar 1872, Hamilton Co, IN to Lizzie C. SMITH d. 16 Jan 1876, Hamilton Co, IN.
2nd. 25 May 1878, Hamilton Co, IN to Alice M. BOWMAN b. circa 1847, IN, d. 5 May 1895, IN or KY.
3rd. 5 Sep 1896, Mts. of Pulaski Co, KY to Martha (CONLEE) TAYLOR.

Daniel (pictured at right) enlisted and served in F Co. 1st. Inf. Reg. MN. on 22 Aug. 1862. He participated in the Battle of Gettysburg & others . After being wounded at the battle of Fredericksburg, he was reassigned to Co. B. 1st Bat. He was captured near Petersburg & confined in Andersonville Prison in Jul. 1864, and escaped in Mar. 1865. He was mustered out of the Army on Jul. 24, 1865, as a corporal. Daniel Bond's Recollections, are on microfilm & can be borrowed via Interlibrary Loan from the Minnesota Historical Society: Reference Services, Division of Archives and Manuscripts, Minn. Historical Society, 1400 Mississippi St., St. Paul Minn. 55101. Also visit the First Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment website. Around the 1890's the Bond family moved to Southern California.

Daniel & 2nd wife Alice M. BOWMAN, known children:
Edmond Bowman BOND b. 15 Jun. 1879.
John Brown BOND b. 29 May 1889.

Daniel & 3rd wife Martha (CONLEE) TAYLOR, known child:
Florence Vola BOND b.10 Oct 1897, KY; d. 9 Jan 1966, San Bernardino Co, CA; married Nicholes S. Souleles b. 19 Dec 1894, Greece; d. 25 Feb 1958, San Bernardino Co, CA. Four known children all born in Los Angeles County, CA: Martha, Phyllis, Fren, & Beverly m CARDWELL.

Death Certificate Transcription: # 1134
Daniel Bond
d. 3/3/1924 10:40pm
Male White Married
b. Indiana Age = 78
Deathplace: Soldiers Home, Hospital, Los Angeles
Spouse: Martha
Occupation: Farmer
Father/Mother: Unknown
Lived in community 9 days
Informant: Adjutant & Inspector, Soldiers Home
Cause: Mitral Insifficiency Arterio sclerosis
Buried: Los Angeles, CA
Mortuary: Ruppe Mortuary, Los Angeles

edward bondEdward J. BOND, b. 5 May 1845, Randolph Co. IN, d. 4 Jul. 1930, Los Angeles Co., CA; m 1st, 24 Oct. 1869 to Mary E. (RUBLE) KNIGHT d. 18 Aug. 1900, 2d to Amelia

During the Civil War, Edward enlisted 6 Feb. 1865 at the age of 19. He served in Co. E, 1st Minn. Heavy Artillery. By 1906, Edward had settled in Sawtelle, Los Angeles County, California. His 2d wife was named Amelia C. she died 21 Aug 1931, Los Angeles County, California

Edward & Mary had 4 children.

James D. BOND b. 9 Dec. 1870.

e. bond familyEmma Myrtle BOND b. 2 Sep. 1872 in Randolph Co. IN, m 11 Feb. 1898 to Rev. Oren WALL. (4 known children: Ellen WALL, b.30 May 1899, d.12 Sep 1901; John Oren WALL b. 2 Mar 1902; Esther Hughes WALL b.13 May 1904, IN; Lawrence Lee WALL b.13 Jun 1907, IN.)

Milton W. BOND b. 18 Jan. 18 78 in Randolph Co. IN, d. 25 Mar. 1878.

sammy bondSamuel R. BOND b. 28 May 1879 in Randolph Co. IN, d. 24 Sep 1962, Napa Co., CA; m 12 Jun. 1899 to Letitia M. HINSHAW. (3 known children: Wilbur M. BOND b. 25 Feb 1902, Sidney BOND b. 29 Feb 1904, Francis Raymond BOND b. 11 Oct 1907)

Los Angeles County, California Death Certificate Transcription: #7508
Edward Bond
d. 7/4/1930 12:30am
Male White
b. 5/3/1845 Indiana Age = 86yrs 2 mos
Deathplace: 1747 Cotneo St, West Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California
Lived in community 7 days and state 24 years
Occupation: Farmer, retired
Married Spouse: Amelia Bond
Informant: Myrtle L Hunt, 3440 Central Ave, Riverside, CA
f. Benjamin Bond, NC
m. Ellen Goldsmith, NY
Burial: 7/9/1980 Soldiers Home Cemetery
Funeral Director: Delmer A Smith
Cause: Acute gutrie hemorrhage (Possible carcinomatosis) Gutrie ulcers, several

top: A young Edward Bond. picture could have been taken after the Civil War. middle: Picture of Edward & Mary, with two of their children James & Emma Myrtle. Taken in Winchester, Indiana circa 1878. bottom: Samuel Bond.