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BOND Genealogy: A History Of the Descendants of JOSEPH BOND, Compiled & Copyright 1913 by Samuel BOND GARRETT, Muncie, IN.
Friends for 340 Years: The Story of My Quaker Family, by James O. BOND, Gateway Press, Inc., 1995.
Pine Knots and Tallow Candles, by Myrtilla BOND Hunt, 1972.
Family letters of the BONDs & Edwards.
All information on the families of Walter BOND, Edward & Alice (SHEWRING) BOND, the SNELLING & PARADISE families:
Jack MacDonald.

Here are two different histories of the BOND Family.

The following information is from Jack MacDonald

Walter BOND
12 known children all born in Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.:
Thomas BOND b. circa 1571, D. Jan. 1572.
Joann BOND b. circa 1575, d. Aug. 1575.
John BOND b. circa 1575, d. Sep. 1575.
Edward BOND b. Oct. 1580, d. Feb. 1659
Alice BOND b. circa 1579.
Robert BOND b. 1581.
Agnes BOND b. circa 1583, m 20 Apr 1607, to Thomas ELMES.
Thomas BOND b. 1584.
Joyce BOND b. circa 1586.
Thomas BOND b. 1589, m 27 Nov. 1615, to Christian ARCHER.
Joyce BOND b. 1593, d. Jul. 1596.
Edward BOND b. circa 1580 in Laycock, Wiltshire, England, d. Feb. 1659, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
married 1st, 17 Jan. 1607, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng. to Alice SHEWRING.
4 known children:
Ann BOND b. 1609, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
Mary BOND b. 1612, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
Elizabeth BOND b. 1617, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
Rebekah BOND b. 1621, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
Edward's 2d wife's name is unknown, but they were married around 1625 .
4 known children:
Edward BOND b. Feb. 1626, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
George BOND b. Apr. 1628, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng, d. Mar. 1717, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng; m Mary PARADISE
Joseph BOND b. Dec. 1629, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
William BOND b. 1631, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng. d. Aug. 1633, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.

The following information is from the book, Friends for 340 Years: The Story of My Quaker Family by James O. BOND

Thomas BOND b. circa 1530's, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.

known child:
John BOND baptized, 22 Nov 1562, St. Cyriacs Parish, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.

known child:
Edward BOND b. circa 1600's, St. Cyriacs Parish, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.

three know children:
Edward BOND baptized, 16 Feb1626, St. Cyriacs Parish, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
George BOND baptized, 27Apr1628, St. Cyriacs Parish, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
Joseph BOND baptized, 20 Dec 1629, St. Cyriacs Parish, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.

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Edward BOND b. Feb. 1626 in Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng d. 31 Jul 1687, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng; m 25 Nov. 1649 in Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng, to Mary MOORE b. circa 1626.
They were Quakers.
5 known children:
Jeremy BOND b. circa 1651, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng.
Mary BOND b. Nov. 1655, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng, d. Jul 1728, Wiltshire, Eng; m 12 May 1680 in Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng. to Will PARADISE.
Edward BOND b. Apr. 1658, Slaughterford, Eng.
Benjamin BOND b. circa 1660, Bewley, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng. (more info. below)
Rebekah BOND m 28 Oct 1702 in Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng. to James HOBBS
Benjamin BOND b. circa 1660 in Bewley, Laycock, Wiltshire, England; m 20 Feb. 1686 in Slaughterford England to Susannah "Ann" PARADISE b. 5 Feb. 1666 in Slaughterford, Wiltshire, England, d. Oct. 1704 in Devies, Wiltshire, Eng.
They were Quakers.
8 known children:
Benjamin BOND b.circa 1687,Slaughterford,Wiltshire, Eng, d. May 1708.
Susannah BOND b. circa 1689, Biddestone, Wiltshire, Eng.
James BOND b. 8 Feb 1692, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng.
Rebekah BOND b. 10 Jul 1694, Slaughterford, Wiltshire Eng.
Edward BOND b.29 May 1697, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng, d. 23 Aug 1761, Chippenham, Wiltshire, Eng; m 29 Apr. 1720, Chippenham, Eng. to Mary SMITH.
Mary BOND b. 20 Feb. 1698, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng.
John BOND b. 21 Apr. 1701, Bidstone, Wiltshire, Eng. d.1748, in Abington or Byberry PA; m 29 Jan. 1725 Abington, PA to Sarah CADWALLEDER. (more info. below)
Joseph BOND b. 6 Oct. 1704, Devizes, Wilts, Eng. (more info. below)
So far John & Joseph are the only BONDs known to have moved to America. John is said to have arrived in PA in 1721 & Joseph in 1735.
The children of John & Sarah (CADWALLEDER) BOND
Benjamin BOND m 13 Oct. 1755, PA to Rosanna MILLER
Abraham BOND m Elizabeth CADWALLADER
John BOND b. 14 Feb. 1735, d. 1775-8; m circa 1758 to Margaret ALLEN
Edward BOND b. 4 Sep. 1738, PA, d. 23 May 1826; m 7 Jun. 1765 to Mary FOX
Isaac BOND b. PA, m Jane WILLIAMS
They were Quakers
Joseph BOND b. 6 Aug. 1704 in Devizes, Wilts, England; d. before 1760 in New Garden/Guilford, NC; m circa 1739 in PA? to Martha ROGERS.
Tradition says he came to America in 1735, to Philadelphia. After marriage lived in Bucks Co. PA. In 1750 or 51 they moved to Rowan, now Guilford Co. NC.
They seemed to have been Quakers on & off.
They had 7 known children:
Edward BOND b. 26 Sep. 1740 (more info. below).
Benjamin BOND b. 1742, Bucks Co. PA, d. Aug 1826; m 17 Apr. 1778, PA to Mary WALTON.( for more info. on this Family email Karen Bye).
Ruth BOND b. 1744-45, m Benjamin WALTON.
Stephen BOND m Maiden ( for more info. on this Family email Ron Hall ).
Samuel b. 2 Dec. 1753; m 11 Jan. 1775 to Elizabeth BEALES/BEALS (dau. of Thomas BEALS ).
John b. 30 May 1755; m 28 Jan. 1778 to Jane BEESON.

Edward BOND b. 26 Sep. 1740 in Bucks Co. PA; d. 6 May 1821 in Wayne Co. IN; m 16 Aug. 1764 in New Garden in Rowan Co. NC. to Ann MILLS b. 7 May 1745 in Frederick Co. VA; d. 3 Apr. 1826 in Wayne Co. IN.
They were Quakers.
They had the following 9 children:
1. Benjamin BOND, b. 4 Jul. 1765, d.10 Oct. 1839 Henry Co. IN; m 12 Jun. 1799 to Mary WILLIAMS.
2. Keziah BOND b. 29 Jun. 1767.
3. John BOND b 15 Jun. 1769, 5 Dec. 1860, Henry Co. IN; m 8 Dec. 1791 to Mary HUFF.
4. William BOND b. 16 Nov. 1771, Guilford Co. NC, d. 19 Sep. 1838, Laporte Co. IN; m Charlotte HOUGH.
5. Edward BOND b. 24 Jan. 1774, Guilford Co. NC, d. 14 Mar. 1856, Wayne Co. IN; m 17 May 1795, Guilford Co. NC to Anna HUFF (sister to Mary HUFF, cousin to Charlotte HOUGH). They had a daughter Elizabeth BOND b. 2 Dec. 1801, Surry Co. NC, d. 30 Jul. 1833, Surry Co.NC; m 19 Oct. 1826, Surry Co. NC to Benjamin P. KEYS. They had a son Joseph KEYS b. 3 Apr. 1830, Surry Co. NC, d. Feb. 1906, Randolph Co. IN; m 20 Aug. 1853, Randolph Co. IN to Betsy V. COATS. They had a son Martin KEYS b. 26 Jul 1860, IN; m Myntella "Lillie" BLANTON.
6. Anna BOND b. 19 Sep. 1776, Guilford Co. NC; m 1803 Abram BUNKER.Katie BOND's BOND & BUNKER genealogy
7. Jesse BOND b. 24 Mar. 1779, Guilford Co. NC, d. 4 Nov. 1862; m Phebe COMMONS.
8. Joshua BOND b. 28 Nov. 1781, Guilford Co. NC, d.11 Sep. 1876; m 10 Oct. 1805, Grayson Co. VA to Ruth COFFIN.
9. Joseph BOND b. 20 Feb. 1785, Guilford Co. NC, d. 18 Aug. 1864, IN; m 14 Dec. 1809, Guilford Co. NC to Sarah MENDENHALL.
more info. on the BONDS & other related Quaker families.
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Edward BOND b. 24 Jan. 1774 in Deep River, Guilford Co. NC, d. 14 Mar. 1856 in Wayne Co. IN; m 17 May 1795 in Guilford Co. NC. to Anna HUFF b. 19 Feb. 1776 in Surry Co. NC, d. 22 Sep. 1839 in Wayne Co. IN.
They arrived in Wayne Co. IN. in Nov. off 1811. They settled on the land where the town of Webster now stands.

They were in the Hicksite branch of Friends, & they had 11 known children:
1. Daniel BOND b. 5 Oct. 1796, Surry Co. NC, d. 17 Aug 1839, Randolph Co. IN, m 1819, Wayne Co. IN to Mary HUSSY b. 13 Mar. 1797 OH, d.30 Sep 1837 Randolph Co IN.
8 known children:
  Christopher BOND b.28 Jun. 1821 Wayne Co IN, d. 7 Jul. 1858 Mahaska Co, IA, m 17 Nov 1842 Randolph Co, IN, Sarah RINARD(REYNARD).
  Levina BOND b. 11 Mar. 1824 Wayne Co, IN, d.16 Jul. 1897 NE; m 5 Sep. 1841 Randolph Co, IN, John HULL.
  Sarah BOND b. 31 May 1826 Wayne Co, IN, d.1 Nov. 1889; m 25 Sep. 1845 IN, Zimri HOLLINGSWORTH .
  Cyrus BOND Dr b. 8 Aug. 1828 Wayne Co IN, d. 1888; m 29 Jan. 1863, Mary D. WEST.
  Eunice BOND b. 28 Jun. 1830 Wayne Co, IN; m 22 May 1865, Henry NUGENT.
  Simon BOND b. 21 Oct. 1832 Wayne Co, IN, d. 17 Jan. 1898 CA, m Susannah HARRIS.
  Pleasant BOND b. 29 Jun. 1835 IN; m Martha WILSON.
  Peninah BOND b. 11 Jun. 1837 IN, d. 11 Apr. 1858 IN.

2. Benjamin BOND b. 15 Nov. 1797, Surry Co., NC, , d. 12 Jan. 1875, Labette Co., KS, m 18 Mar. 1828, Wayne Co., IN to Ellen GOLDSMITH.
More information on this Family
, Civil War Letters of this Family.
9 known children:
  Erastus BOND b. 8 Jan. 1829, Wayne Co, IN; d. 30 Jan. 1829, Wayne Co. IN.
  Samson BOND b. 7 Jan. 1830, Wayne Co, IN; m.21 May 1847 to Ann JACKSON.
  Jacob Sylvanus BOND b. 11 Feb. 1832, Wayne Co. IN; d. 14 Feb. 1833, Wayne Co. IN.
  Pelatiah BOND b. 8 Feb. 1834, Wayne Co, IN; d. 8 May 1922, Riverside Co, CA; m 12 Aug 1862, Hamilton Co, IN to Cornelia EDWARDS b.12 Apr 1843, IN, d. Sawtelle, Los Angeles Co, CA.
  Hezekiah BOND b. 29 Aug. 1836, Wayne Co. IN; d. 26 Oct. 1864, Salisbury, NC; m.17 Apr. 1858 to Ann (HOUGH) POALTON.
  David BOND b. 26 Jun. 1838, Wayne Co. IN; d. 17 Jun. 1839, Wayne Co. IN.
  Benjamin BOND b. 6 Apr. 1840, Randolph Co. IN; d. 25 Nov. 1861, of typhoid fever at a field hospital at Budd's Ferry, Maryland. His body was taken to his Uncle Gardner Goldsmith's farm in Fall Creek Twp, Hamilton Co, IN and he was later buried in Crown Hill Cemetery. He was a soldier in Co. F, 3rd Cavalry Reg. IN. Vol. during the Civil War.
  Daniel BOND b. 2 Apr. 1842, Randolph Co. IN, d. 3 Mar 1924, Los Angeles Co, CA; m. 1st. Lizzie C. SMITH, 2nd. Alice M. BOWMAN, 3rd. Martha (CONLEE) TAYLOR.
  Edward J. BOND b. 5 May 1845, Randolph Co. IN; m 24 Oct. 1869 to Mary E. (RUBLE) KNIGHT.

3. Keziah BOND b. 17 Jul. 17 1799, Surry Co. NC, d. 17 May 1866, Adair Co, IA; m 9 Oct. 1816, Wayne Co, IN to Lewis UNDERWOOD b.9 Dec 1789 SC, d. 26 Jul. 1865 Adair Co, IA.
11 known children:
Andrew UNDERWOOD b. 28 De.c 1818 Wayne Co, IN, d.11 Feb. 1904 Indian Terr., now OK., near Vinita City; m 28 Dec. 1839 Randolph Co, IN, Agatha HUTCHINS.
  Jane UNDERWOOD b. 28 Mar. 1821 Surry Co, NC, d. 5 Feb. 1843.
  Susannah UNDERWOOD b. 12 May 1823 Surry Co, NC, d.1846; m 15 Jan. 1842 Wayne Co, IN, Raford KEAN.
  Exum UNDERWOOD b.12 May 1825 Randolph Co, IN, d. 28 Octm 1861; m 5 Jun. 1846 Randolph Co. IN, Jane M. HUTCHINS.
  Lucinda UNDERWOOD b. 4 Aug. 1827 Randolph Co, IN, d. 5 Feb. 1870; m 24 May 1850 Randolph Co, IN, Jeremiah RINARD.
  Elvina UNDERWOOD b.24 Mar. 1829 Randolph Co, IN, d. 1870; m ca 1856, 2d wife of Barnabas PAYNE. more below.
  Enoch UNDERWOOD b. 2 Mar. 1830 Randolph Co, IN, d. 3 Apr 1830 Randolph Co, IN.
  Annet UNDERWOOD b.17 May 1831 Randolph Co, IN, d. ca.1862; m 1st. Harriet GOODWIN, 2d. ca 1854 Irene BOND.
  Huldah Matilda UNDERWOOD b.4 Oct. 1833 Randolph Co, IN, d. 24 Sep. 1877; m 7 Mar. 1850 Randolph Co, IN, Nathan Mendenhall.
  Anna Delano UNDERWOOD b. 3 Dec. 1835 Randolph Co, IN.
  Elizabeth Lurana UNDERWOOD b.29 Jul. 1837 Randolph Co, IN, d. near Menlo, IA; m 4 Jul 1855 Randolph Co, IN, Stover RINARD.

4. Elizabeth BOND b. 6 May 1801, Surry Co, IN, d. 8 Nov. 1884, IN, m 5 De. 1816, Wayne Co, IN to Solomon Whitson ROBERTS b. 14 Ap.r 1794 SC, d. 6 Apr 1857 near Pendleton, IN. The ROBERTS Family Photos.
13 known children:
1.  Esther ROBERTS b. 11 Jul. 1818 Richmond, IN, d. 29 Dec. 1840.
2.  Mary ROBERTS b. 25 Sep. 1820 Richmond, IN, d. Dec. 1895 Spouse: Charles Haines.
3.  Thomas W. ROBERTS b. 16 Dec. 1822 near Richmond, Wayne Co IN, d. Jun. 1908 Richmond, IN; m 15 Jul. 1847 Richmond IN, Lucinda Lough.
4.  Daniel Huff ROBERTS Dr b. 10 Nov. 1824 Richmond, IN, d. 4 Jan. 1911 Los Angeles, CA; m 25 May 1848 Wayne Co, IN, Elizabeth "Lizzie" AUSTIN b. ca 1825 PA, d. CA
8 known children:
        James Austin ROBERTS b.: ca 1849 IN.
        Oliver Nixon ROBERTS b. ca 1851 IN, d. Sep. 1908; m Mary DREW.
        Milton ROBERTS b. ca 1853 IN; m Nancy BEVILLE.
        Thomas Walter ROBERTS Dr b. ca 1855 IN; m Carrie JONES.
        Solomon W. ROBERTS b. ca 1857 IN; m Elizabeth WHIPPLE.
        Esther Elizabeth ROBERTS b.17 Dec. 1859 IN, d.14 Mar. 1952 Los Angeles Co, CA m 25 May 1878, Frank CHAPIN.
        Alice ROBERTS b. aft 1860; m J. L. ANDREW.
        Edward ROBERTS b. aft 1860; m Carolyn PARRY.
5.  Milton ROBERTS b. 13 Sep. 1826 Richmond IN, d. 28 Mar. 1850 Richmond, IN.
6.  Anna ROBERTS b. 3 Aug. 1828 Richmond, IN, d. 29 Apr. 1853.
7.  Edward ROBERTS b. 4 Feb. 1830 Richmond, IN, d. 2 Feb. 1905; m Mary Ann ALLEN.
8.  Elihu ROBERTS b. 13 Jan. 1832 Richmond, IN, d. 8 Jun. 1858.
9.  Eunice ROBERTS b. 10 Nov. 1833 Richmond, IN, d. 29 Apr. 1869.
10.  Solomon ROBERTS b. 18 Apr. 1836 Richmond, IN, d. 21 Nov. 1837 Richmond, IN.
11.  Caleb ROBERTS b. 27 Jan. 1838 Richmond, IN, d. 13 Feb. 1841 Richmond, IN.
12.  Hannah ROBERTS b. 10 Feb. 1840 Richmond, IN, d. 13 Apr. 1853.
13.  Artemus ROBERTS b. 28 Oct. 1841 Richmond, IN; m 1st. 1867 Dover, Bureau Co, IL, Elizabeth BELLANGEE, two children, 2d.1874, Mary BELLANGEE (sister to Elizabeth) six children. Artemus designed the Courthouse in Dade City, Pasco Co, FL in 1909 & the William Jennings Bryan House in Lancaster County. biography of Artemus.
8 known children:
        William Colfax ROBERTS Dr b. Sep. 1868 Owatona, MN.
        Artemas C. ROBERTS b. 7 Mar. 1871, m Edith had a daughter Phillis..
        John Milton ROBERTS b. 3 Oct. 1873, firts wife had 2 children: Stanton(?) & Lilith; 2d wife Ruth had John & Jack.
        James Russell ROBERTS b. 29 May 1876, m Clara WEST, 2 known children: James & Perry.
        Daniel Edward ROBERTS, m Edith, 4 known children: Romona, Ruth, Donald & Allen.
        Charles Whitson ROBERTS b.11 Oct. 1880, m Elizabeth 3 known children: Richard, Charles & Betty.
        Barton Bellangee ROBERTS b. 2 Dec. 1883, m Grace.
        Mary Louisa ROBERTS b. 17 Mar. 1886, d.4 Feb. 1887.

5. Rachel BOND b. 1 Dec. 1804, d. 1 Feb. 1851.

6. Edward BOND b. 11 Jan. 1809, d. 22 Dec. 1840.

7. John BOND b. 3 Jul 1810, d. 28 Jun 1829.

8. Huldah BOND b. 22 May 1812, Wayne Co. IN, d. 24 Oct. 1854, m 8 Feb 1839, Henry Co. IN to Barnabas PAYNE b. 18 Aug 1812, d. 6 Jul 1866 Wabwash Co IN; 2d wife Elvina UNDERWOOD
8 known children:
  Emily Jane PAYNE b. 18 Dec 1839, d. 10 Jun 1840.
  Elias PAYNE b. 20 Jun 1841, d. 12 Jan 1874 North Manchester, Wabash Co IN; m Margaret Louisa ECKMAN.
  Orlando PAYNE b. 1 Jan 1844, d. 20 Dec 1852.
  Luzena PAYNE b. 12 May 1845; mWilliam BRINDLE.
  Albert PAYNE b. 13 Nov 1846.
  Anna PAYNE b. 12 Apr 1848; m Levi WALTERS.
  Jesse PAYNE b. 13 Dec 1850, d. before 1940 Los Angeles Co, CA; m Clara F CAVE. no kids.
  Maholn PAYNE b. 25 Sep 1852 Wabash Co IN; m 15 Feb 1877 Wabash Co IN, Amanda GARRETSON.

9. Anna BOND b. 1 May 1815, Wayne Co. IN, d. Sep 1849, Webster, Wayne Co. IN; m 4 Dec 1834, Wayne Co. IN to Jonathan GARRETT b. 12 Dec 1814 NC, d. 24 Aug 1899 Hamilton Co. IN.
6 known children:
  Leander P GARRETT b. 27 Nov 1835 Wayne Co IN, d. 6 Dec 1894 Indpls IN; m 1st. 2 Jul 1858 Gutherie Co. IA, Emily Jane KEAN, 2d 11 Jan 1866, Howard Co IN, Mary HARROLD.
  Melissa GARRETT b. 21 Mar 1837.
  Wilma Vilena GARRETT b. 15 Jan 1839 Hamilton Co. IN; m 1st. 29 Jan 1857 Wayne Co IN, Mahlon HARVEY, 2d. 19 Sep 1865, James C WALKER.
  Caleb S GARRETT b. 12 Mar 1840 Wayne Co IN, d. 4 Dec 1891 Tacoma WA.
  Salathiel GARRETT b. 5 Feb 1843 Wayne Co IN, d. 16 Apr 1864 Tyler TX.
  Samuel BOND GARRETT b. 21 Nov 1844 Wayne Co IN; m 15 Oct 1874 Wayne Co IN, Annie L HEATH (Samuel compiled BOND Genealogy book).

10. Elias BOND b. 25 Jun. 1817, Webster, Wayne Co. IN, d. 31 Mar. 1904, Hamilton Co. IN, m 24 Apr. 1842, Randolph Co. IN to Lydia HUTCHINS b. 26 Sep 1823 , d. 9 Jul 1871 near Pendleton, Madison Co IN.
9 known children:
  Solomon R BOND b. 31 May 1843 IN; m 13 Sep 1866, Sarah Jane STANBRO.
  Artemas J BOND b. 6 Dec 1844 IN , d. 21 Oct 1861.
  Sarah Elizabeth BOND b. 23 May 1847; m 17 Oct 1867,Charles C GURLEY.
  William H BOND b. 20 Aug 1849, d. 15 Dec 1863.
  Anna Jane BOND b. 6 Sep 1851, d. 13 Sep 1882; m Whitford SHAUL.
  Jeremiah Austin BOND b. 22 Aug 1854 Wayne Co IN; m 7 Oct 1877, Madison Co IN, Melzena KUHNS.
  Mary Etta BOND b. 11 May 1857; 13 Aug 1879 IN, Frank DAWSON.
  Martha Ellen\Ella BOND b. 26 Jan 1859 Madison Co IN; m 23 Aug 1881 Hamilton Co. IN, Winfield Scott WHEELER.
  Elias Edward BOND b. 16 Apr 1864 near Pendleton IN, d. 9 Jan 1886; m 20 Mar 1884 IN, Sarah KUHNS.

11. Gidion BOND b. 18 Aug. 1820, d. 11 Jun. 1839.

William SNELLING d. 1621, Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng.
Married 1st: 29 Apr. 1577, Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng, to Alice WALKER d. 1591, Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng,.
4 known children all born in Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng:
Susan SNELLING b. 1578.
Alice SNELLING b. 1583.
Richard SNELLING b. 1585.
Joseph SNELLING b. 1588.
Married 2d: 1592, Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng, to Margaret.
5 known children all born in Corsham, Wiltshire, Eng:
William SNELLING b. 1593.
Thomas SNELLING b. 1595, d. before 1600.
Ann SNELLING b. 1597.
Thomas SNELLING b. 1600, m 26 Apr. 1624, Mary PARADISE.
Mary SNELLING b. circa 1605, m 26 Apr 1624, John PARADISE.
Mary PARADISE m 26 Apr. 1624,Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng, to Thomas SNELLING.
John PARADISE (brother to Mary)b. circa 1600, m 26 Apr. 1624, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng, to Mary SNELLING.
10 known children:
John PARADISE b. 1625, Wiltshire, Eng, d. May 1699, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng.(more below)
Joan PARADISE b. 18 Feb. 1626, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng.
William PARADISE b. 1629, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng, d. 5 Oct 1663, Wiltshire, Eng.
Ann PARADISE b. 1630, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng.
Mary PARADISE b. 1632, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng, d. Mar. 1709, Laycock, Wiltshire, Eng; m George BOND.
Thomas PARADISE b. 1634, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng.
Martha PARADISE b. 1636, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng; m circa 1653, Wiltshire, Eng. to Samuel WEBB.
Elizabeth PARADISE b. 1639, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng.
Sara PARADISE b. 1640, Bromham, Wiltshire, Eng.
Abigail PARADISE b. 1644, Wiltshire, Eng.
John PARADISE b. 1625, Wiltshire, Eng, d. May 1699, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng; m Susannah d. Jan 1724, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng.
6 known children all born in Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng:
William PARADISE b. circa 1659, d. 1695, Wiltshire, Eng; m 12 May 1680, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng. to Mary BOND.
Mary PARADISE d. 1712, Wiltshire, Eng; m 26 Apr. 1682, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng. to Francis BROOM.
James PARADISE b. 30 Jan. 1665, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng.
Susannah "Ann" PARADISE b. 5 Feb. 1666, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng, d. Oct 1704, Devies, Wiltshire, Eng; m 20 Apr. 1686, Slaughterford, Wiltshire, Eng. to Benjamin BOND.
Earlham Libraries Friends Collection--Resources have the following BOND Manuscripts!

John H. Bond Collection. SC 72. John H. Bond (1807-1897) was a Friend living near Windsor, Randolph County, Ind. The collection consists of a record of the family of his grandparents, Samuel and Elizabeth (Beals) Bond, his parents, Joseph and Rachel (Harrold) Bond, and of John H. and Emily (Hockett) Bond.

Joseph Bond Family Collection. SC 73. Joseph Bond (1785-1864) and wife Sarah (Mendenhall) Bond (1790-1848) were Hicksite Friends living at Goshen, Wayne County, Ind. This collection consists of a family record and their marriage certificate from Deep River Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, North Carolina.

Parvin and Cornelia Bond Collection. SC 190. Parvin Wright Bond (1880-1966) was a long-time Quaker pastor and a student at Earlham College from 1907 to 1909. Cornelia (Collins) Bond (1897-1998) was his second wife and was active in Indiana Quaker affairs. The collection consists of a notebook from his pastorate in the West Elkton, Ohio, Friends Meeting from 1947 to 1952 and a notebook and corresondence of Corenelia Bond concerning Whitewater Quarterly Meeting. Transferred from Richmond First Friends, 1996.

Silas Bond Journal. 1812-1857. SC 8. Silas Bond (1783-1858) was an Orthodox Friend in York County, Pennsylvania, Belmont County, Ohio and Wayne County, Ind. The journal consists of accounts of sermons by visiting ministers and his own religious experiences. Transferred from vault at Richmond First Friends, 1991.

Pictures of unidentified family and friends.
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