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There is so much information on these Families on the Internet I decided to just put the Ahnentafel Reports for Benjamin BOND & Eleanor GOLDSMITH & links to other researchers web pages. Note some of the dates do not jibe so, If YOU have ANY information to ADD or CORRECT, PLEASE DO!

1 Benjamin BOND. Born on 15 Nov 1797, Surry Co, NC. Benjamin died in Labette Co, KS on 12 Jan 1875, he was 77. Benjamin married Eleanor GOLDSMITH.

2 Edward BOND. Born on 24 Jan 1774. Edward died in Wayne Co. IN on 14 Mar 1856, he was 82.Edward married Anna HUFF.
3 Anna HUFF. Born on 19 Feb 1776 in NC. Anna died in Wayne Co. IN on 22 Sep 1839, she was 63.

4 Edward BOND. Born in 1740. Edward died in 1821, he was 81.Edward married Ann MILLS.
5 Ann MILLS. Born on 7 May 1745 in Frederick Co Va. Ann died in Wayne Co IN on 3 Apr 1826, she was 80. Buried in Goshen near Middleborough, Wayne Co IN. Religion: Quaker.

6 Daniel HUFF. Born on 24 Feb 1747 in NJ. Daniel died in Fairfield, Highland Co. OH on 12 Jan 1816, he was 68. Buried in Fairfield FBG, OH. In 1766 when Daniel was 18, he married Elizabeth CHRISTY.
7 Elizabeth CHRISTY. Born on 15 Apr 1748 in NC/Shanandoah Valley VA. Elizabeth died in Surry Co. NC on 12 Oct 1800, she was 52.

8 Joseph BOND.Joseph married Martha ROGERS.
9 Martha ROGERS.

10 John MILLS. Born on 27 Oct 1712 in Chester Co PA. John died in Guilford Co, NC on 18 Apr 1794, he was 81. Buried on 18 Apr 1794 in Guilford Co, NC. Occupation: Amer Rev. Religion: Quaker.In 1732 when John was 19, he married Sarah BEALES.
11 Sarah BEALES. Born on 29 May 1713 in Chester Co PA. Sarah died in NC on 9 Sep 1800, she was 87. Religion: Quaker.

12 Daniel HUFF. Born abt 1720 in Burlington, NJ. Daniel died in Randolph/Stokes Co. NC in 1793, he was 73.On 4 Mar 1741 when Daniel was 21, he married Mary Wehrle WORHELY, in Burlington, NJ.
13 Mary Wehrle WORHELY. Born abt 1720 in Burlington, NJ. Mary Wehrle died in Randolph, NC in 1793, she was 73.

14 Conard CONRAD Christy. Born abt 1709 in VA/Ireland. Conard died in Dinwiddie Co. VA in 1776/1778, he was 67.Conard married Helen MONTGOMERY.
15 Helen MONTGOMERY. Born in 1714 in Eng/Ireland. Helen died in Dinwiddie Co. VA in 1774, she was 60.

22 John BEALES. Born on 20 JAN 1685/1686 in Nottingham, Chester PA. John died in Hopewell, near Winchester, VA in 1745, he was 59. Occupation: yeoman. Education: Quaker.On 14 Sep 1711 when John was 26, he married Sarah BOWATER, in Nottingham, Chester PA.
23 Sarah BOWATER. Born on 17 Jun 1689 in Prince George Co Maryland. Education: Quaker.

24 Daniel HUFF. Born on 14 Jun 1693 in Falls MM, Bucks Co. PA. Daniel died in Stokes (now Yadkin) Co. NC in 1751, he was 57. abt 1715 when Daniel was 21, he married Elizabeth DUDLEY.
25 Elizabeth DUDLEY. Born in 1693 in Eng. Elizabeth died in Burlington, NJ in 1773, she was 80. Born in 1705 in New Kent Co. VA.

26 Jabez Wehrle WORHELY. Born in 1680 in Hanover, Ger. Jabez Wehrle died in VA in 1748/1754, he was 68. abt 1715 when Jabez Wehrle was 35, he married Mildred BACON, in Burlington, NJ.
27 Mildred BACON. Born in 1693/1696 in VA. Mildred died in VA in 1749/1754, she was 56.

28 Michael CHRYTIE. Born abt 1674 in Ireland. Michael died in VA abt 1749, he was 75.Michael married Mary MAITLAND.
29 Mary MAITLAND. Born abt 1687 in Ireland. Mary died in VA abt 1765, she was 78.

30 John MONTGOMERY. Born abt 1674 in Eng. John died in Eng. abt 1742, he was 68.John married Grace BONNER.
31 Grace BONNER. Born in 1681. Grace died in Belmont Castle, Eng. abt 1769, she was 88.

44 John BEALES. Born abt 1657 in Eng. John died in Nottingham, Chester PA in Dec 1726, he was 69. Education: Quaker. On 1 Nov 1682 when John was 25, he married Mary Jane CLAYTON, in Nottingham M.M., Chester Co.PA.
45 Mary Jane CLAYTON. Born on 29 Jun 1665 in Bumbalksweek, Sussex, England. Mary Jane died in Nottingham, Chester PA aft 1726, she was 60. Education: Quaker.

46 Thomas BOWATER. Born on 10 Feb 1655 in Bromsgrove, Worcester, Eng. Thomas died in Westtown, Chester Co. PA aft 1720, he was 64. Education: Quaker.
On 4 Aug 1686 when Thomas was 31, he married Sarah EDGE, in Chester Co PA.
47 Sarah EDGE. Born abt 1666 in Prince George (Frederic), MD. Sarah died in Chester Co. PA on 26 Feb 1692, she was 26. Education: Quaker.

48 John HOUGH. Born in 1652 in Yorkshire, Eng. John died in NJ in Jan 1732, he was 80. John married Hannah ROSSELL.
49 Hannah ROSSELL.

50 Ambrose DUDLEY. Born in New Kent Co. VA. Ambrose married Judith SCOTT.
51 Judith SCOTT. Born in New Kent Co. VA.

62 Joseph BONNER. Born in 1645 in New Castle Northumberland, Eng. Joseph died in New Castle Northumberland, Eng. on 5 FEB 1694/1695, he was 49. On 11 Aug 1676 when Joseph was 31, he married Priscilla JOHNSON, in New Castle Northumberland, Eng.
63 Priscilla JOHNSON. Born abt 1657 in Kibbleworth, Durham, Eng.

88 William BEALES. Born ABT 1625/1630 in Eng. William died in Penn.
In 1645 when William was 20, he married ? ?, in Eng.
89 ? ?

90 William CLAYTON. Born in Dec 1632 in Chichester England. William died in Chester Co PA on 16 Nov 1689, he was 56. Occupation: Justice at Upland (Chester) PA. Education: Quaker. On 7 Nov 1653 when William was 20, he married Prudence LANCKFORD, in St.Pancras Parish, Chichester.
91 Prudence LANCKFORD. Born abt 1635. Education: Quaker.

94 John EDGE. Born on 10 Oct 1648 in Cheshire, Eng. John died in Chester Co. PA on 10 May 1711, he was 62.John married Jane.
95 Jane.
96 John HOUGH. Born abt 1642 in Yorkshire, West Riding, Eng. abt 1659 when John was 17, he married Ann, in Middlewich, Cheshire, Eng.
97 Ann. Born abt 1638.

124 Thomas BONNER. Born in 1594/1595 in Par Kinshell, Cumberland, Eng. Thomas died in Oct 1660, he was 66. Buried on 19 Oct 1660 in St. Nicholas, New Castle Northumberland, Eng. Thomas married Grace.
125 Grace. Born abt 1616 in St. Nicholas, New Castle Northumberland, Eng. Grace died in Oct 1656, she was 40. Buried on 18 Oct 1656 in St. Nicholas, New Castle Northumberland, Eng.

180 William CLAYTON. Born abt 1590. William died in Chichester England abt 1658, he was 68. Occupation: timberman. Education: Quaker. On 30 Oct 1631 when William was 41, he married Joan SMITH, in Boxgrove Parish, Sussex.
181 Joan SMITH. Joan died in Apr 1644 in Chichester England. Buried on 27 Apr 1644 in Boxgrove. Education: Quaker.

182 William LANCKFORD. Education: Quaker.

188 George EDGE. Born in 1620/1630 in Eng. George died in Whitley, Cheshire, Eng on 22 Mar 1676, he was 56.George married Joan.
189 Joan.

248 William BONNER. Born abt 1565 in Cumberland, Eng. William died in JAN 1626/1627, he was 61. Buried on 26 JAN 1626/1627 in St. Nicholas, New Castle Northumberland, Eng. On 6 May 1594 when William was 29, he married Margaret ERRINGTON, in Cumberland, Eng.
249 Margaret ERRINGTON. Born abt 1573 in Cumberland, Eng.

376 Rycharde EDGE. Born on 15 Mar 1580 in Eng. On 27 Oct 0160 Rycharde married Alice BUSHNELL, in Frodsham, Eng.
377 Alice BUSHNELL. Born on 7 May 1579 in Frodsham, Eng.

496 Christopher BONNER. Born abt 1533 in Cumberland, Eng. Christopher died in May 1584, he was 51. Buried on 25 May 1584 in Crostwaite, Yorkshire, Eng. abt 1564 when Christopher was 31, he married Jannet BONNER, in Cumberland, Eng.
497 Jannet BONNER. Born abt 1537 in Cumberland, Eng. Jannet died in Dec 1586, she was 49. Buried on 18 Dec 1586 in Crostwaite, Yorkshire, Eng.

752 Thomas EDGE. Born in 1548 in Frodsham, Cheshire, Eng. On 21 Jul 1574 when Thomas was 26, he married Ellen PYCKE, in Frodsham, Cheshire, Eng.
753 Ellen PYCKE. Born in 1551 in Eng.

754 Thomas BUSHNELL. Born abt 1546.

1 Eleanor GOLDSMITH. Born 26 Jan 1802 in Coeyman Mm, Green Co, Ny ( Albany Co. Ny). Eleanor died in Pulaski Co Ky on 4 Mar 1897, she was 95. On 18 Mar 1828 when Eleanor was 26, she married Benjamin BOND, in Wayne Co, In.

2 Daniel GOLDSMITH. Born ca 1772 in Ny. Daniel died in Randolph Co, In abt 1853, he was 81. On 1 Jan 1801 when Daniel was 29, he married Hannah GARDNER, in Hudson/New Brittian, Columbia, Ny.
3 Hannah GARDNER. Born abt 1775 in Ny or Ms. Hannah died in In bef 1850, she was 75.

4 Daniel GOLDSMITH. Born ca 1745 in Ny. Daniel died ca 1813 in Laurens, Otsego Co, Ny. Daniel married Susannah LYON.
5 Susannah LYON. Born ca 1745 in Ny. Susannah died 4 Nov 1809 in Otsego Co, Ny

6 Sylvanus GARDNER. Born ca Jul 1739 in Nantucket, MA. Sylvanus died Oct 1830 in Chatham Ny. Sylvanus married Anna GARDNER.
7 Anna GARDNER. Born on 5 Oct 1740 in Nantucket, MA.

10 Joseph LYON. Born ca 1712 in Greenwich, CT. Joseph died in White Plains, NY on 23 Dec 1776, he was 64. Joseph married Mary DISBROW.
11 Mary DISBROW.

12 Logan GARDNER. Born ca 1712 in Nantucket, MA. Logan married Hannah BUTLER.
13 Hannah BUTLER.

14 David GARDNER. Born ca 1708 in Nantucket, MA. David died in Nantucket, MA on 28 Sep 1798, he was 90. On 15 Nov 1733 when David was 25, he married Mary GARDNER, in Nantucket, MA.
15 Mary GARDNER. Born on 26 Oct 1713.

20 Thomas LYON. Born ca 1673 in Stamford, CT. Thomas died in Byram Bridge-Greenwich, CT. bef 1 May 1739, he was 66. Thomas married Abigail OGDEN.
21 Abigail OGDEN. Abigail died bef 26 Nov 1760.

22 Peter DISBROW. On 6 Apr 1657 Peter married Sarah KNAPP, in Stamford, CT.
23 Sarah KNAPP. Born on 5 Jan 1638 in Watertown, Middlesex Co, MA. Sarah died in Rye, Westchester Co, CT in 1681, she was 42.

24 Benjamin GARDNER. Born on 20 Jul 1683 in Nantucket, MA. Benjamin died on 28 Jan 1768, he was 84. Benjamin married Hannah COFFIN.
25 Hannah COFFIN.

28 Solomon GARDNER. Born on 1 Jul 1680 in Nantucket, MA. Solomon died in Nantucket, MA on 17 Jun 1760, he was 79. Solomon married Anna COFFIN.
29 Anna COFFIN.

30 Samuel GARDNER. Samuel married Patience SWAIN.
31 Patience SWAIN.

40 Thomas LYON. Born ca 1621 in England. Thomas died in Byram Neck, Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CT ca 1690, he was 69. Buried in Lyon Cemetery, Byram Neck-Greenwich, CT. Thomas married Mary HOYT.
41 Mary HOYT. Born ca 1630 in Charlestown, Suffolk Co, MA. Mary died in Byram Neck-Greenwich, CT. Buried in Lyon Cemetery, Byram Neck-Greenwich, CT.

42 John OGDEN.

46 Nicholas KNAPP. Born ca 1606 in Bures, Co Suffolk, EN. Nicholas died in Stamford, CT on 16 Apr 1670, he was 64. Nicholas married Elinor.
47 Elinor. Elinor died on 16 Aug 1658 in Stamford, CT.

48 Richard GARDNER. Born on 23 Oct 1653 in Salem, Essex Co, MA. Richard died in Nantucket, MA on 8 Mar 1727, he was 73. On 17 May 1674 when Richard was 20, he married Mary AUSTIN, in Nantucket, MA.
49 Mary AUSTIN. Born in Dover. Mary died on 1 Jun 1721 in Nantucket, MA.

56 same as ahnentafel number 48
57 same as ahnentafel number 49

60 James GARDNER.

82 Simon HOYT.

96 Richard GARDNER. Born ca 1631 in Salem, Essex Co, MA. Richard died in Nantucket, MA on 23 Mar 1686, he was 55. Richard married Sarah SHATTUCK.
97 Sarah SHATTUCK.

120 same as ahnentafel number 96
121 same as ahnentafel number 97

192 Thomas GARDNER. Born ca 1592 in Eng. Thomas died in Salem, Essex Co, MA on 29 Dec 1674, he was 82. Thomas married Margaret? FRYER OR TRYER?.
193 Margaret? FRYER OR TRYER?

194 Samuel William SHATTUCK. Born ca 1600 in IN. Samuel William died in Salem, Essex Co, MA on 6 Jun 1698, he was 98. Samuel William married Damaris SHIBLEY.
195 Damaris SHIBLEY. Born ca 1609 in Salem, Essex Co, MA. Damaris died in Salem, Essex Co, MA on 28 Nov 1671, she was 62.

196 Francis AUSTIN. Born ca 1592 in England. Francis died in Wapping Hall, London, England ca 1641, he was 49. ca 1615 when Francis was 23, he married Isabel BLAND, in Wapping Hall, London, England.
197 Isabel BLAND.

198 Edward STARBUCK. Born on 16 Feb 1603 in Leicester, Derbyshire, England. Edward died in Nantucket, MA on 12 Apr 1690, he was 87. Edward married Catherine REYNOLDS.
199 Catherine REYNOLDS. Born ca 1609. Catherine died in DOVER, Strafford, New Hampshire.

200 Peter COFFIN.Peter married Johan THEMBLER.
201 Johan THEMBLER.

244 same as ahnentafel number 198
245 same as ahnentafel number 199

246 same as ahnentafel number 100
247 same as ahnentafel number 101

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