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The following is a letter from Mary Elizabeth (EDWARDS) BROOKS to her sister Cornelia (EDWARDS) BOND. They had three brothers surving in the Civil War & Cornelia's husband was also serving. The letter after is from Simpson BROOKS, son of Mary Elizabeth (EDWARDS) & Eli BROOKS, to his Cousin Myrtilla Leona BOND, daughter of Cornelia & Ty BOND.
Clear creek Iowa April the 20th 1864
  Dear Sister
  It seems strange that there is no acceptable a medium as pen and ink for the transmission of thought and intelligence between friends that it is not more frequently resorted to especially in the time of trouble when almost everyone has [?] and dear friends surrounded by perils [?]
i received a letter from you some two months since but at that time i was very sick and for several weeks was seldom able to be out of bed and when i could be up there was do many things to attend to and a fretful baby nearby always in my arms that although i have commenced writing to you several times i never got a letter finished i am much better now although far from being well, doctors say it is liver complications. i have had the jaundice this spring and have been a bright yellow color Eli says if [?] yellow would to be in a [?] as he would have [?] taken for you i dont consider it much of a joke my self but enough on that subject.

May the 1st. Sunday Morning
  Nellie i wont waist anymore paper but [?] writing on [?] another month if i dont get it finished soon but i was going to tell you that we have just received your dear good kind interesting letter of the18th we were very glad in deed to see that the boys were getting along so fine and of Simpson promotion Major Edwards, that sounds quite large and it why i feel real proud over it myself success to them all and god [?] that we may never hear worse news i have been almost dreading to get a letter for fear the news would be bad but you write so cheerful it has done me good although we were very sorry to hear of George Mcfearsons death, our neighborhood has been quite lively for the last two weeks the vetterens are home on furlough and the friends are trying to make the time pass us pleasantly as possible for them their is a supper get up every few evenings in which nearly all the neighbors join last night we gave them a supper at the schoolhouse and presented a flaghad a nice time

  This morning [?] [?] [?] our little folkes for sunday school for the first time this spring it is quite a job to get them all ready and i feel tired enough to go to bed but here is Ida [?] [?] with no [?] of letting me rest or write either in [?] Annie was [?] [?] in the crowd getting ready for school but her main object was to show her new hat and shoes she is the merriest little mortal you ever saw but not now so pretty as [?] a babe she is growing to be a great fat dutch looking girl Ida has always been rather a delicate child [?] the pit and plaything of the family we intended to have had all the childrens miniatures taken to send to you before this but it has been such a disagreeable winter and i have been sick so much that we could not take them to town but [?] [?] i will have them taken as soon as posible for [?] and while i am writing on the subject i want to ask you if there is any posible chance for me to get Simpsons and Williams in their uniforms i will pay all expenses and be so much obliged if you will get them for me i must go to meeting now to night
  i want to write a long letter to mother Brooks and [?] as soon as i can i feel realy ashamed that we have neglected it so long i have still thought Eli would write but i cant get him at it although he has got to be a [?] [?] talker he will not write a letter

Sunday night
  home from church heard a good sermon and saw three newmade brides and grooms all soldiers the girls appeared to be doing there best to tie to soldiers while they have the chance rather a foolish thing i think but every one to there own notion
please excuse me Nellie i didnt mean you
  our family is in usual health Eli is [?] [?] of sore throat could not sing much this evening. we are getting along in worldly affairs pretty much as usual not getting rich very fast [?] [?] [?] paying 45 cents a yard for muslin & 30 for [?] and other things in proportion with such a family as ours to buy for looks rather [?] Elis sheep business is not paying he has bought corn all winter to feed them at 50 cents [?] [?] and has lost over a hundred this spring if he would only quit trying to speculate for which i am sure has no abilitie and to go to farming right we could do well here for we do have an excelent farm but instead having anything to sell we are buying all we live on i get out of heart sometimes when i think of the way things are going but at other times i take a different view of the matter and feel that i am a most ungrateful creature to complain when i have a peaceful home pleasant neighbors a [?] healthy merry children and above all a [?] of a [?] in heaven when life and its troubles are over
  O Nellie let us try to live so that should we never meet on earth we may spend a happy eternity together i feel like more to you to night but perhaps have already written more than will embrace you and it is bed time all the family are in bed but baby she never goes tell i do and i have her in my arms while i write [?] [?] put in words when they are missing and write just as soon as posible Mary E Brooks
Nellie do write soon if it is only a few lines and let us know what news from the boys

Tiffin Iowa
May the 3,1874
  Dear Cousin Murt
  I relieved your letter a few days ago I did not expect an answer from you so soon as I was so long answering your other letter. It is raining today so I guess there wont be any Sunday School so I will spend part of the time writing to you
we are all well at present and hope you are the same we are having a very backwards spring here most every one have there wheat and oats sown and most of the wheat is up and looks pretty well we have our corn ground all plowed and ready for planting as soon as winter is over it has been blowing for a day or two as hard as ever. Isn't it blown in Kansas
  I haven't seen a blossom of any kind yet people are feeding there cattle as there is very little [parture] yet
  we have a very good Sunday school they have an organ in the church did I ever send you a picture of the church if not I well send you one I should like to see you school matron she must be good looking indeed if she is so much prettier than Linda
we have one of the biggest school matrons here you ever saw and she has hair allmost white and is about as tall as I am
  I should like to have been [evibition] hope you will get the dictionary well as I cant think of any more to white I will stop by saying write soon your Cousin Simp

PS Charley married Jenny Beam I got a letter from him a few days a go he says that are getting along fine he has bought a team paid $400 for them and is to pay for them in breaking he likes the country first rate

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