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Thomas LYON Genealogy

Thomas LYON b. circa 1621, England, d. circa 1690, Byram Neck, Greenwich, Fairfield Co., CN, married 1st Martha Joanna WINTHORP they had one Daughter Marie who married John WILLSON. Thomas LYON married 2d Mary HOYT, 8 known children:
Abigail LYON b. circa 1654-5; d. before 1713, m John BANKS
John LYON d. circa 1736.
Thomas LYON b. circa 1673, Greenwich, CN, d. Apr 1739, CN, m Abigail OGDEN, 11 known children:
         Abigail LYON m 1st William ANDERSON, 2d Jeremiah ANDERSON.
         Thomas LYON d. Nov or Dec 1770, m 1st PhebeVOWLES, 2d Martha TRAVIS.
         Samuel LYON b. 14 Oct 1701, d. 3 Mar 1756, m Hannah MILLER.
         JonathanLYON b. 1 Jun 1706, d. circa 1785, m Elizabeth MEAD.
         Mary LYON b. circa 1707, d. before 1742, m Israel KNAPP.
         David LYON d. 1772, m Martha STEDELL.
         Joseph LYON d. 23 Dec 1776, m Mary DISBROW, 10 known children:
                  Joseph LYON m Phebe CLOSE.
                  Daniel LYON m Martha MILLER.
                  James LYON.
                  Reuben LYON.
                  Jeremiah LYON.
                  Thomas LYON m Elizabeth GOULD.
                  Mary LYON m Elnathan HAIGHT.
                  Hannah LYON m Thomas CLOSE.
                  Susannah LYON m Daniel GOLDSMITH.
                  Anne LYON m James SHARPE.
         Jemima LYON m Charles THEALL.
         Deborah LYON b. circa 1715, d. circa 1802, m Jonathan HOBBY.
         Elizabeth LYON m John FOWLER.
         Gilbert LYON b. 20 Jul 1719, d. circa 1816, m Jane KNIFFEN.
Samuel LYON d. circa 1713, unm.
Joseph LYON b. circa 1677, d. 21 Feb 1761, m Sarah
Elizabeth LYON d. before Nov 1713, m John MARSHALL.
Deborah LYON m CONE.

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Simon HOYT m ?? they had a daughter Mary HOYT

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This is one of the more confusing lines!!
John OGDEN m Judith BUDD they had a daughter Abigail OGDEN


also have mother as Jane BOND [daughter of Robert or Jonathan BOND]

Peter DISBROW m Sarah KNAPP they had a daughter Mary DISBROW

Nicholas KNAPP m Elinor they had a daughter Sarah KNAPP

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