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John Henry NICOLAUS, The Family circa 1899, Lena (HARMS) NICOLAUS

JH Nicolaus Nicolaus fam L H Nicolaus
Nicolaus Family & friends in 1914, Franklin/Elk Grove
Nicolaus family
Children of John Henry & Lena Nicolaus: Earl, George, Charles, Helena, Lester, Henry, Elva & Larry.
Earl Nicolaus George Nicolaus Chas Nicolaus Helena Nicolaus
Lester Nicolaus Henry Nicolaus Elva Nicolaus Henry Nicolaus
Mildred & William STILLWELL; Wendel, Mary E, Betty, & Jeanne NICOLAUS; Mary DESMOND.
Sorry these are only photo copies from Sac. High yearbooks.
Mildred StillwellWilliam Stillwell
wendel K NicolausBetty NicolausJeanne Nicolaus
Mary Desmond
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