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George ABNEY, b. 12 Feb. 1752, Halifax or Lunengurg Co. VA; d. 1838, Hamilton Co. IN; m Sarah "Sally" GRIFFITH.
Known children:
Isaac ABNEY, b. 1771, SC; d. after 1850, IN; m Dicy.
Joshua ABNEY, b. 1784, SC; d. 3 Aug. 1851, Hamilton Co. IN; m28 May 1806 in Jackson Co. TN to Mary Ann HELMS.
George ABNEY m Maacah BANEY.
William ABNEY.
The Children of Joshua ABNEY & Mary Ann HELMS
John ABNEY, b. 7 Mar. 1807, TN; d. Hamilton Co. IN; m. 16 Nov 1832 in Jefferson Co. IN. to Mary Jane BROOKS.
Hester Ann ABNEY; m. 1st. 26 Sep. 1837 in Hamilton Co. IN. to William FARMER, 2nd. John CLARK.
William ABNEY.
Sarah ABNEY b. circa 1815, TN, m. 1st. Pleasant HUMBLES, 2nd. 25 Jan 1857, IN to Solomon BEAVER.
Amellia ABNEY, b. 1828 IN; d. 1892; m. 27 Sep. 1849 in Hamilton Co. IN. to John SYLVESTER.
Rice ABNEY, m. 18 Oct. 1849 in Hamilton Co. IN. to Hannah Jane SIMPSON.
Hezekiah ABNEY b. circa 1814 in TN; m. 9 Feb. 1837 in Hamilton Co. IN. to Elizabeth Lydia SYLVESTER b.circa 1816,IN.
Samuel ABNEY, b. 1824 IN; m. 9 Apr. 1843, Rush Co. IN. to Elizabeth GILSON.

The children of John & Mary Jane (BROOKS) ABNEY

James Franklin ABNEY b. 16 Jun. 1833, IN; d. 17 Jun. 1898, Hamilton Co. IN; m Mary Jane BEAVER.
Jackson ABNEY b. 17 Mar. 1836 IN.
Eli ABNEY b. 23 Jun. 1838, Hancock Co. IN; d. 14 Nov. 1921, Hamilton Co. IN; m 1st. Mary Ann LAUDIG, 2nd. Mary CREEKMORE, 3rd. Mahalia BROWN.
Elizabeth ABNEY b. 17 Aug. 1843, Hancock Co. IN.
Nancy ABNEY b. 4 Feb. 1846, Hancock Co. IN.
Eliza ABNEY J. b. 4 Feb. 1848, Hancock Co. IN; d. 1 Jan. 1903, Hancock Co. IN; m 6 Apr. 1866, Hancock Co. IN. to John Henry KINNAMAN.
Milton ABNEY b. Hancock Co. IN.
The children of James Franklin & Mary Jane (BEAVER) ABNEY

Laura ABNEY b. 2 Jul. 1857, Hamilton Co. IN; d. 26 Nov. 1899.
Annie ABNEY b. circa 1859, Hamilton Co. IN, d. circa 1875, Hamilton Co. IN.
Frank ABNEY b. after 1860,Hamilton Co. IN , d. before 1870,Hamilton Co. IN .
Elochia Evaline ABNEY b. 8 Jan. 1863, Hamilton Co. IN; d. 12 Feb. 1926, Marion Co. IN; m Charles MARTIN.
Andrew Jackson ABNEY b. 1866, Hamilton Co. IN; d. before 1926; m 30 Sep 1888, Hamilton Co., IN to Mary E. SOCKS.
Hattie ABNEY b. 1857, Hamilton Co. IN; d. 1945; m 4 Oct 1899, Hamilton Co., IN to Otis KINCAID.
Annetta "Annie" ABNEY b. Nov. 1876, Hamilton Co. IN; d. 20 Aug. 1918; m George SOCKS.
boy ABNEY b. 2 Oct 1884, Hamilton Co. IN.

The Children of Hezakiah & Elizabeth Lydia (SYLVESTER)ABNEY

Benjamin S. ABNEY b. circa 1836, Noblesville, Hamilton Co, IN; m Lydia Ann.

John L. ABNEY b. circa 1841, IN; m Ellen.

Samuel B.ABNEY b. circa 1842, IN.

William R. ABNEY b. 15 Sep, 1844, Fall Creek Twp, Hamilton Co, IN; m 1st. Mary Jane HUMBLES b. 27 Jul, 1847, they had a daughter Cora. m 2d. Freelove M. CASTOR b. circa 1847, they had a daughter Myrtle Belle b. 1 Jan, 1888, in Lapel, Madison Co, IN. Myrtle m Arford Harvey GWYNN.

Elisha ABNEY b. circa 1846, IN; m Lydia Adeline WHELCHEL. They had four children: Bertha who m Henry HARLESS, John b. 29 May 1894, IN, Ida M. b.1 May, 1904, IN, & Charles b. 10 Oct, 1904, IN.
Amelia ABNEY b. circa 1849.


John HELMS b. 17 Mar. 1762, Germany; d. after 1840, Hamilton Co. IN. Married circa 1785 in Maryland, to Elizabeth RICE, b. circa 1765 MD, d. Hamilton Co. IN.
John m 2nd. Nancy RUTHERFORD in IN.

The 10 Known children of John & Elizabeth (RICE) HELMS:

(1) Jacob HELMS, b. circa 1786, TN.
(2) Mary Ann "Polly Ann" HELMS (twin of Jacob), b. circa 1786, TN; m 28 May 1809, Jackson Co. TN. to Joshua ABNEY
(3) Abraham HELMS, b. 1792, TN; d. 26 Feb. 1880, Hamilton Co. IN; m Jemima WHELCHEL
they had 6 known children.
  Frank HELMS m 25 Apr 1839, Hamilton Co. IN to Mary KINNAMAN
  Wesley HELMS m 16 Sep. 1845, Hamilton Co. IN to Christena KINNAMAN
  Easley HELMS
  Elizabeth HELMS m Levi LUTZ
  David HELMS m Elizabeth BROOKS
(4) Isaac HELMS m 1st. Mary WHELCHEL (4 known children). 2nd MarthaClark (3 known children).
  Silas HELMS m Mary E. ALEXANDER.
  William HELMS m Elizabeth HIDAY.
  Sarah HELMS m YORK.
  Lydia HELMS.
  Elizabeth HELMS m HUDSON.
  James HELMS.
  Pamelia/Pernelia HELMS m BERGNER.
(5) John E. HELMS, 1792, TN; d. circa 1865, Hamilton Co. IN;m circa 1818 in Jefferson Co. IN. to Sally RYKER.
They had 12 known children.
  John Ryker HELMS
  Sarah Ann HELMS m 14 Jan 1847 to Alexander MOORE
  Polly Ann HELMS m 1st. David or Wm ALEXANDER, 2d. Logan ALFORD
  William HELMS m 1st. 13 Jan 1842, Hamilton Co. IN to Susan SHANK, 2d. Amanda RIVERS
  Ebernezer Hillis HELMS m 1st. 19 Sep. 1850, Howard Co. IN to Hannah BRADSHAW, 2d. Eliza J. EASTWOOD
Ebernezer & Hannah Helms son William's family   Jacob HELMS m 17 Nov. 1842 to Elizabeth SHANK
  Letta A HELMS
  James HELMS m 13 Mar. 1851 to Ellen WHELCHEL
  Calvin Fletcher HELMS m 1st. 31 Mar. 1854 to Julia A. KINNAMAN, 2d. 2 Mar. 1856 to Priscilla WOOD
  Mariah HELMS m 1st. 8 Jan 1854 to Jacob WYANT, 2d. David CAYLOR
(6) Sally HELMS m 1st. Simon LIND/LUND (no known children), 2nd. 10 Jan 1820, Jefferson Co. IN to Shelton RUTHERFORD
8 known children
  Nancy RUTHERFORD m 27 Jan, 1842, Hamilton Co. IN to James PATTERSON
  Eliza Ann RUTHERFORD m 1st. BUCY, 2d. MANFORD
  Mary Elizabeth RUTHERFORD m Henry MANSHIP
  Russell RUTHERFORD m 1st. Jermina WATERMAN, 2d Linna ROYER-HARVEY
(7) George R. HELMS, m 1st. 13 Sep 1825, Jefferson Co. IN to Nancy LEDGERWOOD (no known children), 2nd. 18 Mar 1836, Jefferson Co. IN to Elizabeth HILLIS (1 known child) Elizabeth HELMS m Samuel ARNETT.
(8) Hester Ann HELMS m James BROWN.
They had 10 known children.
  Henderson BROWN.
  Jack BROWN.
  Isaac BROWN m 5 Sep. 1839 Hancock Co. IN to Martha Amelia BROOKS.
  Perry BROWN.
  Job BROWN.
  Rachel BROWN m BEAVER.
  Polly BROWN m Samuel BROOKS.
  Nancy BROWN m 18 Aug. 1840, Hamilton Co. to John LAMBERT.
  Lewis BROWN.
  Elizabeth BROWN m HUDSON.
(9) Nancy HELMS m James ALFREY
7 known children.
  Isaac ALFREY m Sarah Jane CUMMINGS
  Augustus ALFREY m Molly VAIL
  Edward ALFREY m Sarah DANAHA
  Sarah Ann ALFREY m Edward ARNOLD
(10) Elizabeth HELMS m 1st. SNODGRASS (no known children), 2nd. Francis WHELCHEL (3 known children).
  Abraham WHELCHEL
  Turk Dave WHELCHEL

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