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After leaving Ireland the Martins came to Delaware.
William MARTIN was born circa 1778 in Delaware. Either before or After his marriage, William moved to
Kentucky. Circa 1805 he married Mary WALL. By 1819 the family had moved to Wayne/Union County, Indiana. By 1834 they were in and around Hamilton County, near Fortville IN & Marion Co. IN. Mary died before 1850 & William died circa 1856.

William MARTIN & Mary WALL

Known children:
Thomas MARTIN. had a son Thomas MARTIN

Sally MARTIN m 1st, 13 Aug 1834 in Union Co. IN to William MILLER, 2nd. 12 Oct. 1849, Hamilton Co. IN to Hugh PINTS.

Simon MARTIN b.Wayne Co. IN

Lambert Weldon MARTIN b. 9 Oct 1820, Wayne Co. IN; d. 12 Sep. 1897, McCordsville, IN; m 1st Mary GROVES, 2nd Mary Ann CHEESMAN, m 3d 13 Jan 1870, Hamilton Co., IN to Hester A. WHALEN. (more info. below)

Temperence MARTIN m 16 Mar. 1843, Hamilton Co. IN. to Louis BURGET.

William MARTIN m Elizabeth MARTIN.

Susan H. MARTIN b. 4 May 1829, IN, d. 8 May 1901, Rochester, Fulton Co. IN; m 25 Jan. 1849, Hamilton Co. IN. to John J. WYNN b. 23 Apr 1827, OH, d. 3 Mar 1910, Rochester, Fulton Co. IN. (more info. below)

Daniel MARTIN.

Margaret MARTIN d. 29 Jun. 1914 IN; m William Lee TORRENCE. (more info. below)

John MARTIN b. 11 Oct 1835 Hancock Co. IN, d. 10 Nov. 1918, Carroll Co. IN; m 18 Jul 1861, Hamilton Co. IN to Jerusia CHEESMAN b. 8 Mar. 1844 IN, d. 6 Feb. 1896 IN. (more info. belo

The Children of Lambert Weldon & Mary (GROVES) MARTIN

married, 30 Jun 1841, Marion Co, IN. She died circa 1851.

Julia Ann MARTIN b. circa 1842, Marion Co, IN.
Joseph G. MARTIN b. circa 1845, Marion Co, IN.
Mary L. MARTIN b. circa 1848, Marion Co, IN.

The Children of Lambert Weldon & Mary Ann (CHEESMAN) MARTIN

married, 2 Apr 1852, Delaware Co, IN. She died circa 1862/69

Martin boysUriah MARTIN (middle of picture) b. 2 Mar. 1853, IN; d. 14 Jan. 1939, Marion Co. IN; m 1st. Luella Jane BINER, 2nd. Jennie FAULKNER, 3rd. Myrtle DAY.

John MARTIN b. 4 Jun. 1856, IN; d. 21 Jul. 1949, Marion Co. IN; m Amanda EMRY.

Charles W. MARTIN (Left in picture) b.17 Apr. 1858, Marion Co. IN; d. 14 Jul. 1948, Marion Co. IN; m 1st. Elochia Evaline ABNEY, 2nd. Lueysa Ellenwood JONES, 3rd. Elizabeth COLLENS.

George MARTIN (right in picture) b. 15 Oct. 1862, IN; d. 11 Nov. 1948, Marion Co. IN.

Mary MARTIN b. 1860, IN; d. 1936, Marion Co. IN; m 1st. George VALENTINE, 2nd. Silas WHEELER.

Lambert Weldon MARTIN & Hester A. WHALEN

married, 13 Jan 1870, Hamilton Co, IN. No known children together. She died before 1880. [note: WHALER was the surname of a prior husband, not her surname] Hester had a son named Franklin WHALER b. circa 1864, IN.

The Children of Uriah & Luella Jane (BINER) MARTIN m 25 Mar. 1883

Aletha Cora MARTIN b. 24 Nov. 1883 IN, d. 2 Mar 1920 IN; m James M. HEADY, d. 9 Nov. 1918, IN.
Ida Mae MARTIN b. 8 Oct 1886, IN; m 23 Jun 1923, Frank BRADLEY.
Ray MARTIN b. 10 Sep. 1889 IN; m 26 Mar. 1913 Callie Mae SNYDER b. 4 Aug. 1894, d. 23 Jul. 1973 Neb.
George B. MARTIN b. 14 Feb. 1892 IN, d. 6 Feb. 1951 TX; m 26 Jul. 1917 Jessie Blanche COMBS b. 1 Oct 1895.
Nora O'Neal MARTIN, b. 10 Sep. 1895 IN; m 1st. Ralph RAMSEY, 2nd. Cecil Raymond THOMAS.
Clynt Allen MARTIN b. 5 Jan 1901 IN; m 24 Mar 1923 Anna Eva STONER b. 19 Feb. 1903

The Children of Charles W. & Elochia Evaline (ABNEY) MARTIN
C & E Martin


They lived at Germantown & Fall Creek ran across the Charles Martin Farm. Germantown is now under Geist Reservoir.

The following is from an article from The Indianapolis News. I don't have a date for the article but know it was before 1968.
Martin family Site of Germantown Under Geist Waters, by Wayne Guthrie.
"The ghost of a peaceful little pioneer village hovers over Geist Reservoir.
Submerged beneath the placid water of a manmade lake is the site of what once was Germantown.
To pinpoint the hamlet's location one must recall that for a short distance not far below the Marion-Hamilton County line the channel of Fall Creek runs east to west before heading south.
Germantown was on its north bank in that locality. It snuggled up to Hamilton County - in fact a few of its less than 10 houses were in that county.
It was the oldest town in Lawrence Township, Marion County, having been laid out March 1, 1834, by John Solomon and George Beaver.
Since the ranks of those who once knew Germantown intimately will continue to thin it is hoped that somebody will place a suitable marker to inform posterity of the site of that tiny town that once was "home" to many....."

Lula MARTIN b. 30 Aug. 1879, IN; d. 24 Sep 1957, IN; m 27 Oct. 1898, IN to Benjamin F. MORGAN.
they had Doris Vernon MORGAN b. 12 Sep. 1900 IN, d. 4 Feb. 1972; m 12 Sep. 1920 to Elva Elizabeth SWISHER.

Elsie May MARTIN b. 9 Nov. 1881, Hamilton Co. IN; d. 16 Apr. 1871, IN; m9 Dec. 1900, IN to Franklin Pierce McCORD b. 7 Aug. 1880. they had 2 children:
Blanch Evelyn McCORD b. 7 Apr. 1901; m 7 Apr. 1920 to Elmer Jennings APPLE b. 31 Aug. 1898.
Ralph Pearson McCORD b. 15 Feb. 1904, d. 23 Dec. 1934.

Martin kidsFred MARTIN b. 22 Jun 1884, Lawrence Twp. Marion Co. IN; d. 16 Apr. 1961, Marion Co. IN; m 7 Nov. 1905, Hancock Co. IN. Maggie Mae HOSS.
Picture on right from front: Albert, Elbert, Boneda, Gladys McCONNELL, Daisy, Sam, Thelma & Helen MALENKOPF. taken in Germantown.
all their children were born in Marion Co. IN.
Daisy Belle MARTIN m Henry Allen LITERAL.
Samuel Howard MARTIN m Marguerite Isabel LILLIE.
Thelma Ruth MARTIN m Ralph KINCADE.
Boneda Luella MARTIN m 1st. Herbert A. SMITH, 2nd. Ralph Huston RAYMER.
Albert Willard MARTIN.
Elbert Charles MARTIN m Marjorie Ruth EPPERSON.
Helen Mary MARTIN m William Issac BENTLEY.
Ethel May MARTIN m James D. PASCOE.

Ora Ethel MARTIN b. 14 Dec. 1888, Marion Co. IN; m 17 Jul. 1909 IN, James Harvey TRITTIPO b. 26 Oct 1887, d. 7 Mar. 1972.
Emory Martin TRITTIPO b. 29 Feb. 1916; m16 Nov. 1941 to Ilva Jean ALLYN b. 20 Jan. 1919.
Ivy Evaline TRITTIPO b. 22 Mar. 1922, IN; 25 Aug. 1945 to Howard WEST.
Ethel June TRITTIPO b. 2 Feb. 1925, IN; m 29 Dec. 1951 to Ardith WEST.

Alva Otha MARTIN b. 10 Aug. 1893, Marion Co. IN; d. 2 Feb. 1950, Noblesville, IN; m Eva Leona BENNETT.
Earl Tilman MARTIN b. 22 Jul. 1915, IN, d. 21 FEB. 1973; m 1st. Opal, 2nd. Josephine E. LYNCH.
Dorothy Marie MARTIN b. 11 Jan. 1917; m 14 Dec. 1935 to Faulty James DAVIS.
Paul LeRoy MARTIN b. 12 Feb. 1919 IN; m 24 Dec. 1940 to Zonda P. MIKESELL.
Lawrence Otha MARTIN b. 10 Oct. 1920 IN, d. 18 Ocr. 1943; m 21 Feb. 1942 to Leila R. WAINSCOTT.

Roy Cash MARTIN b. 16 Dec. 1901, Marion Co. IN; m 14 Apr. 1920 to Letha Leon McCONNELL.
Levella Marie MARTIN m Myron E. RUSHTON.
James Harold MARTIN m Joanne SOUTHARD.

The Children of George & Mary (MARTIN) VALENTINE

Allen VALENTINE b. 1881, d. 1963.
Joseph VALENTINE b. 1883, d. 1930; m Emma STAGGS .

The Children of Silas & Mary (MARTIN) WHEELER
Dale L. WHEELER b. 29 Apr. 1897, d. 5 Apr. 1940; m Lulu M. RUSHTON.
The Children of William Lee & Margaret (MARTIN) TORRENCE
William TORRENCE b. circa 1852, IN.
Mary Jane TORRENCE b. circa 1855, IN.
Hester Jane TORRENCE b. circa 1857, IN.
Hannah TORRENCE b. circa 1858, IN.
Ella May TORRENCE b. 20 Jan 1864, Fortville, Hancock Co, IN, d. 10 Mar. 1968, Anderson, IN; m 31 Oct. 1886, Hancock Co, IN to James P. HIDAY b. Dec. 1861, IN, d. 1948, Anderson, IN.
following born after 1860, could be cousins?
Jesse TORRENCE m Blanche.


The Children of John J. & Susan H. (MARTIN) WYNN (WINN)

Francis M. WYNN b. 27 May 1854, Madison Co., IN, d. 12 Mar 1927, Rochester, Fulton Co., IN; m 27 May 1880, Marshall Co., IN to Florence MACKAY.
   Arley Shanon WYNN m 22 Jan 1913, Fulton Co., IN to Lulu WALTERS.
   John Henry WYNN m 19 Mar 1913, Fulton Co., IN to Mattie DUDGEON.
   Ora U. WYNN b. 11 Apr 1885, Fulton Co., IN.
   Bertha Mae WYNN m 13 Feb 1918, Fulton Co., IN to Lloyd Wilbert FLETCHER. 3 children: Lloyd, Frances May, & Lorna.

Rebecca H. WYNN b. circa 1861, d. after 12 Mar 1827; m 1st, 18 Mar 1882, Fulton Co., IN to Barnabus BRUNSON, 2d. before 1927 to Schuyler BRAMAN.
   John Sherman BRUNSON.

Margaret Isabelle WYNN b. 21 Aug 1864, Fulton Co. IN, d. 20 Mar 1939, Rochester, Fulton Co. IN; m 31 May 1883, Rochester, Fulton Co. IN to Nicholas Andrew ROBBINS b. 15 May 1860, IN, d. 25 Nov 1939, Fulton Co. IN.
   Belle ROBBINS m Lon AULT.

Rosetta WYNN b. 12 Jun 1867, Fulton Co. IN, d. 1 Feb 1944, Fulton Co. IN; m 11 Oct 1886, Fulton Co. IN to Harrison MARTIN b. 5 Sep 1864, IN, 11 Apr 1936, Rochester, Fulton Co. IN.
   Etta MARTIN b. circa 1890, Fulton Co., IN, d. 14 Oct 1918, Rochester, Fulton Co., IN; m Edward SQUIRE.
   Girl MARTIN d. before 1918, Rochester, Fulton Co., IN.
   Boy MARTIN d. before 1918, Rochester, Fulton Co., IN.

ALL information on this family courtesy of Ruth FELTZ.
She is researching the WYNN, WINN and FELTS lines living in Marshall & Fulton Co's IN.

The Children of John & Jerusia "Rush" (CHEESMAN) MARTIN

William MARTIN b. 3 Aug. 1862 IN.

Harrison MARTIN b.5 Sep. 1864 IN, d. 11 Apr 1936, Rochester, Fulton Co. IN; m Rosetta WYNN b. 12 Jun 1867, Fulton Co. IN, d. 1 Feb 1944, Fulton Co. IN.
   Etta MARTIN b. circa 1890, Fulton Co., IN, d. 14 Oct 1918, Rochester, Fulton Co., IN; m Edward SQUIRE.
   Girl MARTIN d. before 1918, Rochester, Fulton Co., IN.
   Boy MARTIN d. before 1918, Rochester, Fulton Co., IN.

George MARTIN b.26 Feb. 1867 IN, d. 6 Oct. 1949; m 10 Oct. 1893 to Cora THOMPSON.

Mary Isabelle "Belle" MARTIN b. 1 Apr. 1869 McCordsville, IN, d. 7 May 1947 Clay Twp, Cass, IN; m 15 Oct. 1887 in Fulton, IN to Theodora Robert "Dora" YOCUM.
  Llyod YOCUM m Irene BANTY.
  Ray YOCUM.

Dezzell MARTIN b. 5 Sep. 1871 IN, d. 9 Oct. 1934.

Laura May MARTIN b. 18 May 1874 IN.

John MARTIN b. IN.

Frank MARTIN b. IN, d. 1970 IN; m Della.

Clara MARTIN b. 24 Apr. 1883 IN, d. 28 Nov. 1951; m 3 Nov. 1900 in Clinton, IN to Jack DISINGER.
  Glenn W. DISINGER b. 4 Apr 1919, Clinton Co, IN.

Minnie MARTIN (twin to Clara) b. 24 Apr. 1883 IN; m 7 Jan 1903 Clinton, IN to Rollie W. MICHEALS.

girl MARTIN buried Fulton, IN.

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