also spelled: Haas, Hase, Hass, Hause, Haws, Hoes, Horse, Hose, Hosse, House, & Huss.

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Jacob HAUSS b. circa 1730, d. circa 1780, Lincoln Co. NC; m Eliza.
Known children:
Christian HOSS b. circa 1755/1767, Lincoln Co. IN; m Sally.

John HAUSS b. circa 1755/1770, Lincoln Co. NC.

Francis HAUSS b. circa 1757, Lincoln Co. NC, d. before Jul. 1797, Lincoln Co. NC; m circa 1777, Lincoln Co. IN to Ann BUFF.

Anthony HAUSS b. 1762; m Mary Magdalene SHRUM/SHURM.

Elizabeth HASS b. 4 Oct. 1769, d. 13 Jul. 1848; m 10 Oct. 1788 to John Henry BEISANGER.

Christian HOSS b. circa 1767 in Lincoln Co. NC; m Sally.
Sold his NC land in 1811 & moved to OH.
Known children:
John HOSS b. 1779, Lincoln Co. NC; m 7 Jul 1801, Lincoln Co. NC to Elizabeth JAMES.

Sarah HOSS b. circa 1783, Lincoln Co. NC, d. 28 Jul. 1879 Lewis Township, Brown Co. OH; m 29 Oct. 1807, Lincoln Co. NC to William TROUT.

Barbara HOSS b. circa 1784/1790; m 1806 to Peter BARR.

David HOSS b. 1 Oct 1789 in NC; d. 12 Jul 1882 in Lawrence Township, Marion Co. IN; m 1st. Nellie TROUT in Brown Co. OH, b. 1800 KY; d. circa 1826 in Brown Co. OH; m 2nd. in Brown Co. OH. to Martha "Patty" PLUMMER b. 9 Sep. 1795 KY, d. 26 Aug. 1871 Marion Co. IN.

Anna HOSS b. 27 Jan 1794, Lincoln Co. NC or Clermont Co. OH, d. 15 Sep. 1826, IN; m 15 Dec. 1813 to Jacob BOLENDER b.9 Jan 1793, PA, d. 15 Feb 1860, OH (son of Stephen & Margareta (SCHENCKEL) BOLENDER).

David HOSS b. 1 Oct 1789 in NC; d. 12 Jul 1882 in Lawrence Township, Marion Co. IN; m 1st. Nellie TROUT in Brown Co. OH, b. 1800 KY; d. circa 1826 in Brown Co. OH. He m 2nd. in Brown Co. OH. to Martha "Patty" PLUMMER b. 9 Sep. 1795 KY, d. 26 Aug. 1871 Marion Co. IN. The family came to Lawrence Township of Marion Co. IN in September of 1829. They were about one mile southwest of where Oaklandon now is. IN 1836 he built a saw-mill on Indian Creek.

Known children of David & Nellie (TROUT) HOSS:
John R. HOSS b. NC. (father of James Smith HOSS).

Christian HOSS b. 21 Nov. 1810 OH, d. 26 Jul. 1896 IL; m 1842 Louisa GREY.

Jacob HOSS b. 2 Sep. 1811 Brown Co. OH, d. 21 May 1871, Marion Co. IN; m Elizabeth BOLANDER.

Henry HOSS b. circa 1815 OH, d. before 1884 IN; m 1st. Anna M. SEVIER, 2d.2 Jun 1853, Marion Co. IN to Irena BOLANDER.

Barbary HOSS m 7 May 1832, Marion Co. to Charles MCCONNELL.

William HOSS b. 1817 OH, d. 1891.

Margaret HOSS b. 18 Apr. 1822 OH, d. 17 Aug. 1846; m 21 Sep 1839, Madison Co. IN to Levi BOLANDER.

Sarah "Sallie" E. HOSS b. 1823 OH, d. 1898 IN; m 14 Dec. 1843, Marion Co. IN to Henry APPLE.

Eliza Jane HOSS b. 17 Oct. 1826 OH, d. 25 Jan. 1899, Marion Co. IN; m 5 May 1850, Marion Co. IN to Nelson HOSS.

Known children of David & Martha Patty (PLUMMER) HOSS.

Francis M. HOSS b. 1831 OH/IN, d. before 1884; m Mary Ann.

Benjamin HOSS b. 1834 IN, d. 1884 IN.

Jacob HOSS b. 2 Sep. 1812 in Brown Co. OH; d. 21 May 1871 in Oaklandon, Marion Co. IN; m 1 Sep. 1833 in Marion Co. to Elizabeth BOLANDER b. 11 Jan 1818 in OH; d. 21 Feb. 1881 in Marion Co. IN.
Known children:
William HOSS.

Henry HOSS.

Sarah Ellen HOSS b. 16 Sep. 1839 IN, d. 20 Aug. 1924; m 4 Dec. 1856, Marion Co. IN to James Smith HOSS.

Irene HOSS b. 1842 IN, d. 1881; m 29 Feb. 1872, Marion Co. IN to John L. MANSHIP.

Roseville HOSS b. 1843 IN, d. 1850 IN.

Martha Patty HOSS b. 1846 IN; m Park CRAWFORD.

Sophrania Adativa HOSS b. 1852 iN; m Christian Cornelius BEAVER.

Elizabeth C. HOSS b. 1855 IN, d. 1952; m Mark LAFORGE.

David Willard HOSS b. 6 May 1858,Lawrence Township, Marion Co. IN, d. 17 Dec. 1928, Marion Co. IN; m Lillas Belle FUNK.

D & L Hoss fam.David Willard HOSS b. 6 May 1858 IN; d. 17 Dec. 1928, Indianapolis, IN; m18 Aug. 1882, Marion Co. IN to Lillis Belle FUNK b. 23 Apr. 1864 in Hamilton Co. IN; d. 2 Dec. 1925 in Indianapolis IN.
9 Known children:
   Florence Myrtle HOSS b. 5 Sep 1883, Marion Co. IN or 17 Nov in Hamilton, m 8 Feb 1913, in  Madison Co, IN to William Curtis CHAPPELL.
      Sarah E. CHAPPELL b. 8 Aug 1913, Hancock Co, IN.
      V. I. CHAPPELL b. 7 Nov 1919, Hancock Co, IN.

   MaggieMae HOSS b. 30 Nov. 1885, Marion Co. IN, d. 15 Dec. 1966, Fortville, Marion Co. IN; m 7 Nov 1905, Hancock Co. IN to Fred MARTIN.

  Hoss 1956 Nell HOSS b. 27 Apr. 1887, Marion Co. IN, d. 24 Aug. 1965 IN; m Albert GOODPSTER.
      Beatrice GOODPASTURE m Byron CURRIE.

   Bynum HOSS b. 19 Dec. 1890, Marion Co. IN, 1906.

   Charles Oscar HAAS b. 10 Mar. 1893, Marion Co. IN, d. 15 Jun 1976, los Angel4es Co, CA; m Marie. note: he & others changed spelling to HAAS.   Ruby HOSS b. 5 Sep. 1895, Marion Co. IN, d. 1997; m Howard DEARDORFF.
      Willard DEARDORFF b. circa 1917, d. circa 1921.
      Clarence L. DEARDORFF b. circa 1920, Marion Co, IN, d. 25 Jul 1979, Marion Co, IN; m Lorene W. WISE.
      Betty DEARDORFF b. circa 1926, d. circa 1926.

   Dewey S. HOSS b. 1898, Oaklandon, IN, d. 29 Sep. 1945, Marion Co. IN; m 18 Jun 1919, Madison Co, IN to Della FUSSELL b. 21 Jun 1898, IN, d. 31 May 1979, IN.
      Miriam Lillian HOSS m Norman E. DAVIS.
      Dewey Fussell HOSS.

   Fletcher HOSS b. 15 Jun 1902, Marion Co. IN, d. 1954.

   Ralph HOSS b. 6 May 1905, Ingalls, Hancock Co. IN, d. 19 Nov. 1951, Indianapolis, IN; m Mary KEATING.

      Dolores J. HOSS m Basil H. PFLUMM.

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